Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Nature Walk

Yael and I went out on another Science Walk today. Science Walks serve a few purposes; mom gets to power lift her bi-glutei muy maximus (Forgive me my trespasses.), save gas, the planet, money (Walmart is the mid-point.) and, Yael gets some invaluable one on one happy mom time! (Mom is happy with anything academic, Disney channel-not so much.) Note to my Anti-Walmart readers: I do what I can to save the planet and the economy-if I cannot eat, I cannot live and therefor cannot help. Thanks.

Today was especially enlightening as it has recently rained here in the Valley of the Sun. There are few sights more magical than the rapid metamorphosis that occurs with just a little bit of water as its catalyst. Along the way we discovered the remains of a huge bee colony that I'd been watching (frightfully) during my power walks. I was immediately saddened to see the combs thrust about. It appears they set up camp in a storm drain that was uncovered to prevent flash flooding. I love the balance of the universe, I was just telling the favorite guy how I feared the swarm's disturbance by an unsuspecting child, jogger, or other pedestrian.

This discovery prompted a lengthy discussion about bees and their importance. It also shed some light on fear and the human condition. It was interesting how easily I could change Yael's negative perspective about bees simply by mentioning their importnace, their purpose and how stinging is a defense and not an offense.

Our walks and talks-albeit sometimes ear bleeding, are a part of this journey that I'll always treasure. How cool am I, the Science Walk/Talk mom with one great ass?! Enjoy the slide show.


Kilkennycat said...

Hey there! I saw your photos over on flickr. Such beautiful pictures of the flowers. I was surprised by the misplaced honey bee colony. Strange place to make your hive but I guess whatever works!

mary jane said...

ha ha.. i like your walmart footnote!
mary jane

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Love the slideshow! Beautiful flower pictures!

fly tie said...

yeah. those slide show pics are nice. plus i love the name 'yael'.

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