Sunday, May 4, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front

Sigh of relief. Things are going much better at home. We had a family summit at the local greasy spoon and, the husband and I are speaking the same language with minor variances in dialect. Overall, much closer to understanding each other than days' previous, it is a most pleasant end to an uber shitty week. Here's to more peace and love on Pierce Street.

Other nibblets of newsworthiness: Yael had her first sewing lesson on Saturday in preparation for the arrival of a sewing machine. This is going to be exceptionally fun and challenging as I do not man machinery quite as well as my noodle and fingers. And, I've never successfully sewn anything, not even a button. She, on the other hand seems to have caught on quickly, per the untrained eye of a proud mom.

Lucifer is here! The Lucifer Principle came in yesterday, just in time for Project 40. First the book- a few weeks ago I engaged (against my own better judgment) in a debate about supporting the troops and the definition of murder sans justification. Per usual, fellow Etsian and artist Reverend Ross stopped in to drop a piece of knowledge. This time it was genuine; Rev has a rather odd sense of timing his replies, deliberately and pretty funny, I might add. Only, this time he recommended The Lucifer Principle as an explanation of the history of war and violence.

The Lucifer Principle per what I've gleaned in the first 30 pages is a scientific theorem of evil as an intrinsic versus extrinsic force. Without giving away all that I've read thus far, I will say that Howard Bloom was listening to me explain to my ever worrisome grandmother how listening to Guns & Roses would not cause me to harm myself or others. She's really cute and old fashioned; even gullible at times. If evil is in fact a learned/observed behavior, what's up with the other animals? Did the planet's now extinct predators just TiVo this shit for us ? Hmmm? Anyway, thanks Rev!

You'll notice some changes here at the Hive, I've moved things about and will continue to do so until such time as HTML leads me to the path of total blog annihilation or I get it just right. The banner is especially lovely, yes? I swapped a piece of jewelry for design services. Pretty in Peace, almost a year in the making needed a more prominent presence here. The designer without prompting chose the Lakshmi ring for its beehive resemblance. When I initially designed the ring, I saw the great Goddess Lakshmi; golden and luminescent, standing tall and strong in representation of wealth and prosperity. There has to be some sort of universal connection here. Artistic interpretation is intriguing, yes?

Subtle segue...I am on Etsy fora timeout for pointing out malicious intent in a thread. For what it's worth, the temporary muting is fair practice per Etsy standards. On a personal note, it's like, "Whatever". Yes, I did say, "It [was] starting to smell like cat shit", in reference to the overall tone of a thread and all of the estrogen induced mania. I just feel on the general scale of fora posting madness, my comment; a mere pimple on the ass of life-is surely not mute-worthy. But, as the NEW! adage goes, "When one thread closes another opens". I'm now going to use all of my power for the greater good and keep my wit, wisdom and abrasion right here, LIVE! and Uncensored at the Hive. I can't in good conscience spend nearly as much time in the fora as I have previously, as a rule I avoid casual socialization and, as it appears virtual communications are pretty much the same. I doubt I'll ever play nice with others, so I create, alone.

And last, but certainly most important, Project 40! I'm excited and ambivalent about this. One of the most arduous tasks for me is shut down/up. Lots of mental restarts going on here, but no genuine log off, shut down and just be. I'm consistently trying to complete my mental to-do list or adding shit to the actual to-do list. (Sings) "These are the thoughts that never end, they just go on and on my friends, 'cause when I get to thinking-well, just thinking ain't enough then I will add more shit to my agenda just because..." repeat until you crack. The folks at Yoga For Everybody have challenged me-(Yes, every e-mail short of genitals enlargement spam is perceived an authentic challenge) to a daily heart health meditation for 40 whole days. Those ancient spiritualists were really a force with whom to be reckoned; I generally lose interest in commitment to anything/one in a week or so. So for the next 40 days I will devote 15 preciously neurotic minutes to total relaxation. *Faints*


spiralsun65 said...

Good luck with Project 40! Sounds like it will be great. I'd be interested to see what changes you see at the end of it. Thanks so much for coming to see my blog too :)

Gallery Juana said...

Your blog is very interesting to read. Thanks for coming by my blog.
I will be back to see the new changes and your project!
Gallery Juana

Star of the East said...

I really enjoyed reading your post, and it looks like a new artist/crafter is on it's way :)
Love your shop too!

knitsteel said...

I look forward to seeing Yael's projects.

re the fora- I've never been on a forum timeout, but I don't spend much time there these days. There seem to be a few trolls.

Kiandra said...

go yael! i can't wait to my lil yael can man a sewing machine...

as for the hell with them! i have mixed feelings about etsy...i'll keep them to myself.

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