Monday, May 5, 2008

A new moon...

A new moon tonight, it's certainly time, I'm feeling eager for change and advancement. I've been toying with my blog in my mind and really trying to hone in on what I want this blog to be for me. Do I want to have featured artists, items and themes; cohesion, or do I want it to be a mix of things; literary salmagundi. There is the ambivalence from reading others' blogs and their many comments and blog links and fans, that got the cogs spinning. Truth is, in real life I'm complex and varied and my friends fans and foes are few and far between. I guess I just solved my own conundrum, eh?
My lotus collage project still sits atop the table vying for love and completion amidst the ingredients for my next piece of art candy. I'm toying with the idea of moving my workspace again. After setting up rather nicely in a corner of my bedroom with a peaceful view of the trees, birds and bees in our backyard, I sat and realized that OCD prevents me from working with the left side of my body towards the wall and Feng Shui prevents me from working with my back facing the door. And, we're off again. There is great lighting and two outlets in the foyer, so that's a possibility. It also puts me fairly close to the central command station-what most would call their front door, with full view of the company my charges keep. Winks. I just can't call it.
Jewelry sales have been slow, I'm relying heavily on consignment for funds these days. I've been fortunate and can't complain. Pretty in Peace hit the ground running, I'm looking at this lull as an opportunity to devote my creative energies to other endeavors, like this blog and creating a propitious workspace.

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