Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday's thought: The cost of love...

There is a deep labyrinthine me that I reserve for special moments but, as a whole I kinda see things quite fundamentally. As an example, I compare child rearing to a bank account, "Do not expect to get out more than you've invested". Employment and education, "You can work hard or work smart". Success is a journey not a destination; "If you think you've arrived and you're not dead, you're lost". Ambition; "If better is an option, good isn't good enough". There's more, but they're expletive laden off the cuff ditties I save for younger siblings, my spouse and the offspring. Laughs.

But, this love thing-I don't get it. You can invest your all and still come up overdrawn and under appreciated. You can read every self-help communication; Dr. Love, Mother Phil, L'il Oprah Annie (Landers) and Colonel Sanders to no avail! No matter how hard or smart you work at it, there's just no predicting the mine field of emotions which await. What the hell?

So today I'm ranting- I know you can't believe it right? I kid you not, I'm going on about a friend who sucks (I totally want to hyperlink a picture of her right here!) and, in a moment of clarity (Most of my rants are profound and worthy of copyright and publishing) I write:

"my number doesn't change because the sun is out. i have to keep reminding myself as much as i like to help, that i don't 'charge' for my friendship, great ear and advice. free things are never appreciated in the same way you appreciate the stuff you have to work hard for/at. (that advice is free for you) anyway, i gotta go teach, but make sure you let someone know today that their presence in your life at whatever capacity is appreciated and worth a great deal...even if it is the toll clerk or someone that holds a door."

I immediately thought, "How true"! If you've ever been heart-broken, lonely or just in need of a friend, you know the insurmountable value of love. You know how beyond your reach and "budget" lost love feels, and yet we fail to save for those rainy days.

Thursdays' thought: If loving is a choice and, being loved is a privilege-where does entitlement come into play?

For all of the things I've figured out in my years, this is still a mind-boggle. What are your thoughts on this topic or anything else today-weigh in. Peace...and of course love. Winks.


Annie Q. said...

LOVE, hmmmp...

BabyLyons said...

beautiful post :) I've been very blessed to have two great loves in my life, my husband, and my new love, Calvin, my little man (4 months old) But my sister on the other hand, she's always been looking for love and has yet to find it, or when she does find it, doesn't take the time to realize that it's there. I've tried my best to give her advice, tell her what she needs to do to make her life better, but in the end, it's all up to her to make her life better, and all I can do is love her unconditionally.
I love all the different sayings you had in the post, I've never heard them before but they are so incredibly true, I'm going to have to write them down so I don't forget them. :)

Anonymous said...

I was in the same place a few months ago when i needed to talk to some friends and no one was around. so then I called my mom and she told me thats how it is when you surround your self with high maintenace people. So what is he cost of love? I love my way and let others love there way and in the end you will get what you are looking for or put into it.


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