Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just who is this Murphy guy?

And what have I ever done to him?! I woke up, I did all of my mom stuff; cooked chili for the kids, a delicious stir-fry for the favorite guy and I. I did the vacuuming, cleaned out the litter boxes, took out the recycling-all preparation to spend the remainder of the evening completing my lotus collage project. Just as I am about to call Jordan to dinner, I realize the beans for the chili are still unopened on the counter. Not such a big deal, yes? It's not like they're dry beans; just open the can, rinse, add stir and heat. Not. After searching high and low, (Yes looking for my kitchen tools is a little game Jordan and I have played since the dishes became his responsibility). alas I find the damn opener, I open the can and voila nearly amputate the same punctured thumb from the pliers adventure while pushing up the jagged lid. Why Mr. Murphy, why?

This isn't my random thought for Thursday, but you gotta admit it is fairly befitting. Oy vey.

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