Friday, May 16, 2008

After last night's crippling hip hop (power) yoga workout, the only thing functional are my sweat glands and grey matter. Figures, the two things any sane and seemingly vain person would like to turn off every now and again. All is not lost though, I dreamt up the finishings on the bright whimsy-filled piece that popped up last week. I'm going to get working on that tomorrow, and hopefully there'll be pics and good things to report.
This will be my first go at bleeding papers as a medium, so the prototype will likely be gifted or kept, but not sold. I love how Etsy artists are so multi-faceted; it's rubbed off. It makes sense since creativity is creativity but, until Etsy it appeared so few of us ventured. For me, if I couldn't write, I couldn't exist. Now, I find joy in conjuring musings while constructing jewelry, or day dreaming of new jewelry designs while I decoupage. It's a pleasant plus, and even more so when I can actually fit it all in.
Short sweet post tonight, Favorite Guy should be in any minute, the L'il Lady is with her BFF and Puberty Man is at the theatre, serenity at last. Winks.

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