Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy weekend here in Market's-town (that's what a girlfriend call us-it's the English equivalent of my married name sans hyphenation). I'm a bit bummed that my supplies order has not come in and I was itching to create, but it didn't stop me from laying the groundwork. I have my projections for the holiday season all formatted, profit margins for e-commerce...tomorrow I'll draft out the ROIs for the retail services and the wholesale/consignment offers. I must admit as hard as I'm trying to remain calm and level-headed about this whole venture the success of it really has me psyched. It's just a good feeling to see your hard work pay off and I did really think Pretty in Peace through in its entirety. This was a meticulously planned execution down to the site's trafficking patterns. I'm saddened that Love.Paper.Scissors didn't skyrocket, I'm ambivalent about my plans. I thoroughly enjoy paper-crafting and would love to continue, but at the same time, with all of the Pretty in Peace offers that have come in I don't want to spread myself too thin. With any luck, Love. Paper.Scissors will gain visibility on the coattails of Pretty in Peace...although the demographic is hardly similar. Ugh, I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see.

One thing I know for certain I absolutely must develop a schedule before I go crazy. I try to build and maintain an excellent rapport with my vendors and customers, but I feel like I'm always in front of this computer. Joe mentioned the gym today and as much as I want to go...rather need to go-I'm like, "Where does that fit in"? Not good, I must be disciplined. That is my personal goal for November. "Thirty days of Necessity" I will eat, drink and exercise mind, body and spirit in the moderate albeit necessary amounts or optimal performance. Yeah...okay...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Joyzee"! I'm going to New Jersey...well not me, personally but ten of my Pretty in Peace jewelry designs will be featured at a New Jersey retail location! I will photograph the selection of items early next week and post them! I'm really excited about all of the wondrous opportunities that have jumped at me since taking the "leave Chase leap of faith". The universe knows...that's where I must pay attribute. Hell, I have paid my dues. I'm far from loaded, but I am free and I am spiritually and emotionally content...that, at 34, with my health, my committee, two children and a devoted hard-working husband-that is the only other thing I could wish for. I have affluence although I am financially not rich. If you don't know what that is, clearly you do not have it. Life is good and "Pretty in Peace". Winks.
Well, that was syrupy sweet and now on to the flip-because there is an "other" side to all things, yes? Today I taught 3rd grade, made tacos for the occasional carnivorous family, sauteed garlicky green beans, started a custom order-not for jewelry but two altered tin baby albums and I made brownies. Wouldn't you know, while I was sitting on the sofa with one eye on the gorgeous Paper Studio archival sheets...Yael clumsily clamors through the house, to the back- because with my dreadful posture and being longitudinally challenged, sometimes I am not visible above the backing of the sofa. So, she trots to the office and then, warp-speed she cuts the corner of the foyer and enters my bedroom, then she spots me. I Sulk. "What Rose?" I ask, panting she says "Mom?" (why do kids do that?) I give the "what" look without saying anything and she says..."Gwyn's Halloween party is tomorrow and her mom is like, gonna pick me up at like, 4:00 or 4:15...or something, so you have to have my Hermione...Annoyed, I interrupt and say, "Okay! Okay, I'll stay up late". Excitedly, she runs back to the telephone to tell Gwyn the "great news". So I totally have to do it now, eh? I'm excited though, I try hard to be a scoundrel but somehow, the saint shines through or as Bonnie calls me "Fuckin' Mother Teresa ova' here". Laughs. So here it is 9:40 PM and I have painted, sanded, cut, glued, taught, cooked, counseled, encouraged and still, I must go on! I summoned the favorite guy to bring me some gas. Winks. Beer. Dances in chair to Unbreakable. I love that Alicia Keys.
Speaking of Unbreakable, favorite guy and I saw I Think I Love My Wife with Chris Rock. Excellent movie and I'm not one for comedies. I have a great amount of respect for Mr. Rock for a number of reasons, but namely because he "comes from somewhere". Now, take out your "Tameka book". "Comes from somewhere", means he is articulate, he is not slovenly or uncouth, his business is not in the "street" and he represents middle class blacks accurately. Some may say, "How does one represent a whole ethnic/socio-economic group"? The same way the woman with three teeth and the rollers in her hair on the evening news does. Black people with good sense do not find that shit funny, but we find Chris Rock to be quite amusing. Got it now? Good. In addition, the film is a "comedie noir", my absolute favorite genre. I do not care for slapstick humor, but the dry irony found in everyday occurrences touches me. Perhaps, that is because it is quite reflective of my own observations and wit? Who knows, but it is a film worth seeing.
Now, what made me mention the film was Alicia Keys' song Unbreakable. The film was about a married couple..don't know her name, but anyway Chris Rock has "made it" he lives in the burbs has the two kids and the pretty wife. Then, along comes what the committee would simply refer to as, "This Bitch". Every woman that has ever been in a relationship knows, "This Bitch". (Some of us know a few of 'em.) "This Bitch" is always showing way too many teeth when you aren't around and sometimes too much skin. "This Bitch" develops scoliosis when she passes the liquor store, basketball court, and the barber shop. You follow? Okay, so some trollop from the past moves in to "steal" (cause that's what they call it) Chris Rock from his wife and family. I won't give away the whole movie-but trust if you have ever been remotely close to having an encounter with "This Bitch"-this has to be one of the most accurate portrayals ever! And, the funniest part is every one of them thinks they came up with some new "sure-fire extra special pussy powered plan" (that phrase has been copy-written) to take yo' man! "Tsk, tsk bitches". Laughs. Great film it's a must see. Rereads what I just wrote... "Well, where was I when that Siskel & Ebert dude died?! Could you just see it now? On the billboards, "Tsk tsk...Bitches"- Mercado & Ebert. Laughs.

"Huh? What's that you say? What am I doing playing around on my blog when I have so much work to do?" I'll pull it off. Trust me- tomorrow, by the time everyone settles into their office chairs and gets their coffee, this posting and photos of an Official Etsy Mom Hermione Granger accessories' kit will be up and ready to go "partyin' with Gwyn". Thinks of song, "She Get it From Her Mama"...I don't know what that stupid song is doing in my head-but when I just typed that last line, I thought of it. The nights my grandmother (and sometimes my dad) stayed up with me. Painting school play props, or student government campaign posters... or wiping "I hate algebra" tears. I'm yammering about the chores of parenting, but I know there are easier's just, "excellence is a habit not an option". Winks.
Let me get to work, "sing it Alicia". Have ya'll heard Pretty in Peace Radio yet? Good shit. Dances to Aaliyah...(beer number 2)-sings "More than a woman, more, more, more than woman". The glue on the Hogwarts Brooch is curing, as is the unofficial Hedwig hairpin (I am so not blow drying waist length curly/nappy loveliness tomorrow. It isn't quite Halloween yet! Doing the gluteus groove to Jill Scott...I'm done and I have done it! Good night, damn it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The pictures of the earrings are here...not too bad, it only took me two days. I'm really liking them-perhaps I'm style challenged as they haven't garnered many views. The masses just aren't ready, that's what I always say.

I saw Kathie today...I have this strange desire to type her name with a "y" instead of the "ie" at the end because she is an older, serious, intelligent woman. Somehow "ie" Kathie comes across as buoyant and bubbly and silly even. What is that transference dysfunction/phenomena when you transfer thoughts sounds colors even to symbols, letters and shapes? I'll figure it out and post a link to it. I have it. Whatever the damn thing is called. I was just telling Joe that the label logo sounds like "bloop" which translates for those of you who are not yet fluent in Tameka, as the sound of a plop of liquid with more mass than water-pudding, oil, not syrup that is more of a llllub lub...than a bloop-work with me everyone knows what a bloop sounds like, yes? Well Joe sees it as, I think he said an orbit or constellation or comet or something astronomical in nature and me, well I hear it as a bloop.

You can see how communication may have been a challenge in our 16 year marriage, yes. Laughs. Differences color the universe, it's all relative. And for the days that are full of brash colors that don't quite meld I have this. Joe bought this for me (at my behest of course) from the Dollar Tree near home. I love it-I already had an opportunity to put it to use. This little guy is the secret to marital bliss...well him and Kathie, but he's cheaper and cuter! This is my de-stress toy. Thinks do you de-stress or un-stress? Hmmm...Well, this is a toy that is supposed to keep you from squeezing your actual husband's nose or testes depending on the offense. I get quite a bit of relief out of eye rolling and sarcasm, but he has learned to deflect and placate me on the sarcasm and I find the constant eye rolling was beginning to cause severe headaches. I'm hoping this guy works out. I've gotten quite a few really helpful little tools from the Dollar Tree. Maybe, this one will be valuable beyond its price in currency. I wish he could wash clothes and mop, I mean he looks like a formidable guy, right? Yeah right! Laughs hysterically.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Has it really been over a week since I wrote?! Geesh, if the voices in my head could type this blog would be a tome. Let's see here-what have I done all week?!
Well, I got my first check for my wholesale order Moves gluteus' in seat while sitting in lotus position. I have started de-shanking and sanding and cementing. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback on how the sales go retail. It's a small feat but it is a first and first everything is something to be excited about. It is the precedent, the lesson, the birth and death of something. I signed up for Indie Public that's me in the little box below, do you see me? Waves hello. Oh and I blow dried my hair, big deal right...not exactly I haven't blown my hair straight since I think February because it's been hot and I'm hormonally hot and too damn tired most of the time. When I finished, I felt the nostalgic gratification of having my natural locks pressed at the beauty parlor in Corona when I was young. There was enough grease in my hair to fill a turkey fryer...grease bleeding into my then un-plucked eyebrows, and you could not tell me that my shoulder length, chocolate brown, entirely too tightly curled hair was not the cats' meeeeow! It is a beautiful thing to beautify oneself every now and again, even if no one sees it but you.
I was dreading the whole round brush heat ridden insanity until about half way through when it started to come to fruition and the visual memories began to form. Hair styling-the combing, plaiting, pressing, blow drying, chemical treating-the whole "sha-bang" as my brother says is an integral part of black culture. Of course every culture styles their hair but the process of maintaining the complex textures and styles of ethnic hair make it especially notable. When I am styling my Yael's hair for picture day or a birthday, holiday-I fondly remember my youth. The barrette box, the "big" comb, the good ponytail brush...I love all of it. Good stuff...
Anyway, what else did I do this week-see how easy it is to goodness. Scrolls up to remind self. Oh, okay 34 is a tough age I tell ya, I signed up for Indie Public was where I got lost in thought. Well, it's an Indie community directory, I didn't develop my page as much as I would have liked. I will need to set up a day to list all of my items and really discipline myself to stay atop of the process. Joe is so much better than I am with routine discipline. I am more of a principles disciple...If I say that I am going vegan, it is done. Pledging ahimsa-it is shall be day, someday but not today, pass me a cookie...Yeah that is the deal with me unless it will truly matter when I leave this Earth...I find it difficult to incorporate. We all have our shortcomings, eh.
I got through all of this week's lessons, lectured Jordan on social diplomacy and dating, picked up the supplies for an unofficial Hermione Granger Hogwarts school uniform for Halloween folly and candy grubbing and still managed to squeeze in 2 six-packs of beer with the husband. Breathes deeply I think I need some kind of Black Belle Peace Prize or something, no? I'm like all over the place and doing it gracefully. My brother says that I am his hero on his Myspace page, my sister says I'm the best sister anyone can ask for, Iva has added Pretty in Peace accessories to her current Grown and Sexy line, Manoogs sent me a card and three packs of Serenity (the universe sure knows I could use some) incense. My mother even called me this week-and we had a nice chat?! Well go me, damn it!
Supposedly Mercury is in retrograde which I know to be true because I was about to give it to a couple of folks...well namely this one fucking energy leech on the Etsy forums, but being the super-sister-heroine-good-friend-jewelry-designing-domestic-goddess that I am, I detoured the lure of celestial insanity and took the high road, beer and creating stuff.
I made 2 pairs of earrings this week. Earrings are more fun mentally than they are in application. When the idea for a design hits I'm beckoned from my bed to the "studio" I've got to clear this shit off the table before the husband loses it completely. I pull out all the beads, the tools, assess any parts that I'll need to purchase, figure out the costs and then, the fun part is over. I'm definitely more architect than I am construction worker. The only downfall of indie business and selling handmade goods, and really it is the only downfall. I relish in the fact that I do not have to be a slave to what is "in". I know that each piece I mail is very limited edition because it just isn't in me as an individual to mass market any idea, concept or project. I lose interest easily. There are a handful of staples in my life, my family, my committee and my creativity-everything else is subject to frequent and immediate change without warning. It is a philosophy known only as Tameka. Ask anyone that knows me (good luck there aren't many) there are things of this world that can only be described as Tameka. Things as varied as a piece of art to a pair of boots-that is me. That is what I want each of my pieces to say...not just Tameka of course, but I'd like people to look at a piece and purchase it not because it says J-Lo, D&G, Joe Schmoe whatever but because they can look at it and say, "Oh this is so me". It'd be an insult to my buyers to mass produce. How many yous can there be, really?
So I yammered on the horn today and warmed my favorite spot on the sofa while watching National Geographic and Court TV all day and of course did not get around to photographing aforementioned earrings, so that, I will do tomorrow although there is no promising that I will get them up on this blog then...I try really I do, but believe it or not there's only one of me.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Crazy happenings lately...well no crazier than usual-but interesting...yes that is probably a better word. Let's see, I mentioned my Peace Swap person right? Okay well that is going well and we have decided on what we will design for each other. I am designing a piece of jewelry and she will make a grocery tote for me. I'm excited and a little nervous-but hey that's the norm. I designed a pair of earrings that I am most proud of...I think I'll make another pair. They are simple and stylish! I'm loving them. They're in my shop right now-go look...go 'head the blog will still be here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a good day so far. I got a sale this morning, so I'm off to the Post Office...always a pleasure...not! My mind was all over the place about Peace Swap IV but I got relief from a surprising source. I guess about a month ago I was traipsing about through the Etsy fora and noticed this person and I had been hitting alot of the same threads and posting very similar comments. I did something I would never have done without the protective shield of the web-I shot her a friendly hello e-mail and just kinda said Namaste, I noticed you in the fora today. That rhymes! giggles. Much to my pleasant surprise, she replied Namaste! she's a yoga instructor, a vegan and an all around sweet woman. I'm glad we connected and she was a huge help in pointing me in the right direction. My swap worries are near over.

Friday, October 12, 2007

So I received my Peace Swap IV partner info last night...The insanity begins. It is 2:16 in the froggy morning and I'm here obsessing, eager and anxious and moreover awe-struck. I don't know if Peace-freaks are cut from the same cloth, bore of the same pod, or landed from the same ship, but my PS IV partner's responses to the questionnaire were eerily similar to mine. Even in the answers she circumvented. I have to make contact with her and get her OK to blog about her, but I will say that it is an exciting venture and from what I can glean in the early stages, we are likely to keep in contact for a lot longer than it will take me to design and execute the project that has me up at this ungodly hour.

Today is Friday, also known as Girls' Nite...Yael and I are putting together a vegetarian meal from the cookbook I took out from the library last week or the week before. What difference does it make? (Reminder to self to bring up interesting point about evolution and time) Anyway, so we're gonna put something tasty together, just the two of us. I think I'll be hoodwinked into watching some Disney programs too-but I've got crafting to do so I can be physically present while still preserving a few Hannah/Miley, Raven, Zack, Cody, Moseby, Gabriella, Zack and cute Ryan-free wrinkles in ye olde grey matter. I do like the Jonas' Brothers music though, so their commercial/video breaks are always welcome. Girls Nite is fun, Yael and I spend a lot of mom/daughter, teacher/student time together, but these Fridays are all about having fun and just being girls. I know at the end of the week I can sure use some lighthearted fun-time, and I'm sure she's due some.

I created a MySpace page for Beau today, actually he created it I'm sort of a Proxy. Actually it was yesterday...again with the dates. Anyway, I'm not sure I recall clearly what initiated the memory of my imaginary friends/supplemental psyches but I've been thinking about them often and wondering what happened to them. I know they're in there somewhere. Looks up and to the right and says "helloooo" with inner voice, you know the one that sings songs from the radio that actually sound just like the artist? Only, the artist has replaced several lines of lyrical content with nonsensical banter? That one!...Beau is the medium for...well maybe not bringing them back, but helping me understand why I don't need them anymore or simply can't find them. I'm (Tameka, the Tea) MySpace phobic...I'm curious in the same way I always look at roadkill and even focus my inner macro lens to capture the detail, but it always sickens me in hindsight. Same thing with MySpace, there are all of these people-some that I know...well, even-exploiting (although they'll call it showing/telling) what is probably the saddest factions of their Earthly existence to an entire transparent universe! That is pretty scary, to be that vulnerable. Well Beau allows me to explore that side of the world from behind a veil. It's not like folks don't know its me-its that, its the me the folks don't know. The me that ate in the kitchen with Dinah when I was lonely and the me that is Monica that was the tough girl who'd take me me to the bathroom so that I could flush without being savagely attacked at the exact moment the sound would drown out my cries for help. Laughs. She was also not afraid of Sheba; my horny, totally psychotic Siamese cat. I kinda miss those guys sometimes. I guess when I met my hunk of funky-garbage-manning Prince, they just knew I was gonna be okay...

It is pretty late so if anything doesn't make sense check back later after I edit it but I'm going live with the post right now... see you in a bit...

Peaks in at 12:04...Not too shabby...I fixed an insane run-on sentence, but...well more run-on than my usual vernacular...otherwise a fine read.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I suck...I'm such an inconsistent blogger. I'd be better off if I could have some kind of implantation device that prints the warped and perverse images direct from the source. The time that I take to sit and entertain the masses distracts me from the voices that make it all happen. In short, I'm too busy thinking of things to do to get anything done...gotta love the human mind. (I said it, huh? I'm not so sure that I am human, but let's leave it be for today.)
So what's new? Pretty in Peace is rockin'! I have been averaging about a sale a day and while today I sold nothing, I did get my first wholesale inquiry and order...pauses for applause. It all works out in the end, folks. I think...hold on to that...
Jordan has just finished mastering his first release. I've got to pen his bio and get it up and then I'll post a link to all that is NEW! and wonderful in the life of a teen rapper. I've bittersweet thoughts on celebrity at every level, but with the right harnessing I'm confident that Jordan will keep his talent and ego in perspective. I'm impressed that he took the high road and opted against using Joe's influence and our already established label as a stepping stone. It speaks to his artistic integrity. I don't know that he has full awareness of how thankless the art world can be, but he shall soon witness the unveiling. (Yael places her foot on the side of the desk and requests I clip her toenails-talk about a thankless job...and now she is dropping crumbs all over the place)
Joe has done it again! I was already loving him way too much for an old married couple but then he assisted me in the daunting task of recovering Yael's bottom right incisor from a minute crumpled piece of toilet paper that was inadvertently the trash! Yup, the coffee grind, soggy day old pasta and souring pesto sauce filled trash! I was all about it in theory but quickly came to the realization that this is probably not the kind of work I was cut out for and opting, in my mind-to just lie and say the Tooth Fairy took it but only had her debit card and will come back on Friday with the cash. Not too bad, eh. But to spare my eternal damnation (as, if) my dashing prince laughing manned that 33 gallon bag of funk like a true hero! Crowd cheering...He has done it again, he recovers the stinkin' little incisor and restored peace in the Valley. I love him more than words could ever explain and I know a lot of useless words. There is something to be said about the person whose happiness is contingent mainly on the lives of his wife and children and driving skills of those around him...and the lights being off...and the bills being up to date...and Jordan not using his "things", and the rocks not being scattered out front...and, well you get it.
So back to my initial thought which will also be my closing one. I think that my decision to embrace my artistic, autonomous, anarchist personality and not cower to the Blue man has done a girl good. I'm broke and I owe, but I'm happy and that is priceless. I think who I am really comes across in my Pretty in Peace designs and business practices. It isn't what I do that is rocket-science, but the thought of doing it. Every ridiculous idea that you've ever thought up is an opportunity worth taking. I'm not talking about some totally eco-threatening, sadistic insanity, but your dreams; the run of the mill musings of an active mind. It sure beats the hell out of busting your ass as the "do-er" in someone else's dream. We all know how that wake up, and do it all over again.
What did you do today? Yeah, I'm talking to you! I told you, I'm gonna be on your ass. If you should stop at the bodega today know that I will know! Holds right eyelid down with right index finger. I'm a good friend, aren't I?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ugh! Not a good day! Okay perhaps I'm being a tad dramatic, better I say not a really good day, great day...whatever. I'm annoyed. When Joe is home the kids act like they have extra chromosomes (I'm really trying to be PC here, let's hope my readers know the ramifications of having and extra chromosome, it doesn't make for a superior intelligence, hint hint.) It's been one thing after another (says to and fro while drinking Skinny Dip and listening to Jamiroquai's Drifting Along-total vacation vibe to this song) today. I ate dinner while listnening to the soothing sounds of the fucking phone ringing incessantly, followed by the dulcet tones of "stop, shut-up, shut-up, stop, you started"! Teaching was a disaster and I've come to the realization that my biological clock is off because these guys seem to be awake far too many dark beer drinking chill out and watch the buffoon box moments! That my friends is the true definition of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is the realization that it has been "night time" for 2.5 hours and your offspring are still in sight!

(Who is Nate James?! This guy is cool, I'm moving again I think I like chair dancing, head bobbing-he's like NEW! millenium Maxwell-I like this guy) Oh, I have been diligently working on my own radio station courtesy of is the ultimate control freak's toy! And now Elliott Yamin's Alright-I love that Elliott Yamin, he is so soulful and musically yummy! I'm a total fan, he was my American Idol boyfriend-til that trollup guest starred and he was all starry eyed...whose daughter was she Hathaway! I'm sure she's a nice girl, but she interrupted the season. And back to Jamiroquai...Okay so I have blogging ADD today, perhaps I'll try this again tomorrow. Oh before I go-I woke up to not one but two sales! Pretty In Peace is on fire-just not in the dry lands! The West Coast has it! Most of my buyers have been on my side of the globe, with the exception of the funky Canadians (they intrigue me, by the way-the amount they are willing to pay for books is astonishing) Ok ok gotta go, Remy Shand is calling...

I am a Green Crayon. And you?

I am a Green Crayon
My world is colored in harmonious, peaceful, natural colors.While some may associate green with money, I am one of the least materialistic people around.Comfort is important to me. I like to feel as relaxed as possible - and I try to make others feel at ease.I'm very happy with who I am, and it certainly shows!
Your color wheel opposite is red. Every time you feel grounded, a red person does their best to shake you.

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