Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Joyzee"! I'm going to New Jersey...well not me, personally but ten of my Pretty in Peace jewelry designs will be featured at a New Jersey retail location! I will photograph the selection of items early next week and post them! I'm really excited about all of the wondrous opportunities that have jumped at me since taking the "leave Chase leap of faith". The universe knows...that's where I must pay attribute. Hell, I have paid my dues. I'm far from loaded, but I am free and I am spiritually and emotionally content...that, at 34, with my health, my committee, two children and a devoted hard-working husband-that is the only other thing I could wish for. I have affluence although I am financially not rich. If you don't know what that is, clearly you do not have it. Life is good and "Pretty in Peace". Winks.
Well, that was syrupy sweet and now on to the flip-because there is an "other" side to all things, yes? Today I taught 3rd grade, made tacos for the occasional carnivorous family, sauteed garlicky green beans, started a custom order-not for jewelry but two altered tin baby albums and I made brownies. Wouldn't you know, while I was sitting on the sofa with one eye on the gorgeous Paper Studio archival sheets...Yael clumsily clamors through the house, to the back- because with my dreadful posture and being longitudinally challenged, sometimes I am not visible above the backing of the sofa. So, she trots to the office and then, warp-speed she cuts the corner of the foyer and enters my bedroom, then she spots me. I Sulk. "What Rose?" I ask, panting she says "Mom?" (why do kids do that?) I give the "what" look without saying anything and she says..."Gwyn's Halloween party is tomorrow and her mom is like, gonna pick me up at like, 4:00 or 4:15...or something, so you have to have my Hermione...Annoyed, I interrupt and say, "Okay! Okay, I'll stay up late". Excitedly, she runs back to the telephone to tell Gwyn the "great news". So I totally have to do it now, eh? I'm excited though, I try hard to be a scoundrel but somehow, the saint shines through or as Bonnie calls me "Fuckin' Mother Teresa ova' here". Laughs. So here it is 9:40 PM and I have painted, sanded, cut, glued, taught, cooked, counseled, encouraged and still, I must go on! I summoned the favorite guy to bring me some gas. Winks. Beer. Dances in chair to Unbreakable. I love that Alicia Keys.
Speaking of Unbreakable, favorite guy and I saw I Think I Love My Wife with Chris Rock. Excellent movie and I'm not one for comedies. I have a great amount of respect for Mr. Rock for a number of reasons, but namely because he "comes from somewhere". Now, take out your "Tameka book". "Comes from somewhere", means he is articulate, he is not slovenly or uncouth, his business is not in the "street" and he represents middle class blacks accurately. Some may say, "How does one represent a whole ethnic/socio-economic group"? The same way the woman with three teeth and the rollers in her hair on the evening news does. Black people with good sense do not find that shit funny, but we find Chris Rock to be quite amusing. Got it now? Good. In addition, the film is a "comedie noir", my absolute favorite genre. I do not care for slapstick humor, but the dry irony found in everyday occurrences touches me. Perhaps, that is because it is quite reflective of my own observations and wit? Who knows, but it is a film worth seeing.
Now, what made me mention the film was Alicia Keys' song Unbreakable. The film was about a married couple..don't know her name, but anyway Chris Rock has "made it" he lives in the burbs has the two kids and the pretty wife. Then, along comes what the committee would simply refer to as, "This Bitch". Every woman that has ever been in a relationship knows, "This Bitch". (Some of us know a few of 'em.) "This Bitch" is always showing way too many teeth when you aren't around and sometimes too much skin. "This Bitch" develops scoliosis when she passes the liquor store, basketball court, and the barber shop. You follow? Okay, so some trollop from the past moves in to "steal" (cause that's what they call it) Chris Rock from his wife and family. I won't give away the whole movie-but trust if you have ever been remotely close to having an encounter with "This Bitch"-this has to be one of the most accurate portrayals ever! And, the funniest part is every one of them thinks they came up with some new "sure-fire extra special pussy powered plan" (that phrase has been copy-written) to take yo' man! "Tsk, tsk bitches". Laughs. Great film it's a must see. Rereads what I just wrote... "Well, where was I when that Siskel & Ebert dude died?! Could you just see it now? On the billboards, "Tsk tsk...Bitches"- Mercado & Ebert. Laughs.

"Huh? What's that you say? What am I doing playing around on my blog when I have so much work to do?" I'll pull it off. Trust me- tomorrow, by the time everyone settles into their office chairs and gets their coffee, this posting and photos of an Official Etsy Mom Hermione Granger accessories' kit will be up and ready to go "partyin' with Gwyn". Thinks of song, "She Get it From Her Mama"...I don't know what that stupid song is doing in my head-but when I just typed that last line, I thought of it. The nights my grandmother (and sometimes my dad) stayed up with me. Painting school play props, or student government campaign posters... or wiping "I hate algebra" tears. I'm yammering about the chores of parenting, but I know there are easier's just, "excellence is a habit not an option". Winks.
Let me get to work, "sing it Alicia". Have ya'll heard Pretty in Peace Radio yet? Good shit. Dances to Aaliyah...(beer number 2)-sings "More than a woman, more, more, more than woman". The glue on the Hogwarts Brooch is curing, as is the unofficial Hedwig hairpin (I am so not blow drying waist length curly/nappy loveliness tomorrow. It isn't quite Halloween yet! Doing the gluteus groove to Jill Scott...I'm done and I have done it! Good night, damn it!

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