Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a good day so far. I got a sale this morning, so I'm off to the Post Office...always a pleasure...not! My mind was all over the place about Peace Swap IV but I got relief from a surprising source. I guess about a month ago I was traipsing about through the Etsy fora and noticed this person and I had been hitting alot of the same threads and posting very similar comments. I did something I would never have done without the protective shield of the web-I shot her a friendly hello e-mail and just kinda said Namaste, I noticed you in the fora today. That rhymes! giggles. Much to my pleasant surprise, she replied Namaste! she's a yoga instructor, a vegan and an all around sweet woman. I'm glad we connected and she was a huge help in pointing me in the right direction. My swap worries are near over.

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