Thursday, October 11, 2007

I suck...I'm such an inconsistent blogger. I'd be better off if I could have some kind of implantation device that prints the warped and perverse images direct from the source. The time that I take to sit and entertain the masses distracts me from the voices that make it all happen. In short, I'm too busy thinking of things to do to get anything done...gotta love the human mind. (I said it, huh? I'm not so sure that I am human, but let's leave it be for today.)
So what's new? Pretty in Peace is rockin'! I have been averaging about a sale a day and while today I sold nothing, I did get my first wholesale inquiry and order...pauses for applause. It all works out in the end, folks. I think...hold on to that...
Jordan has just finished mastering his first release. I've got to pen his bio and get it up and then I'll post a link to all that is NEW! and wonderful in the life of a teen rapper. I've bittersweet thoughts on celebrity at every level, but with the right harnessing I'm confident that Jordan will keep his talent and ego in perspective. I'm impressed that he took the high road and opted against using Joe's influence and our already established label as a stepping stone. It speaks to his artistic integrity. I don't know that he has full awareness of how thankless the art world can be, but he shall soon witness the unveiling. (Yael places her foot on the side of the desk and requests I clip her toenails-talk about a thankless job...and now she is dropping crumbs all over the place)
Joe has done it again! I was already loving him way too much for an old married couple but then he assisted me in the daunting task of recovering Yael's bottom right incisor from a minute crumpled piece of toilet paper that was inadvertently the trash! Yup, the coffee grind, soggy day old pasta and souring pesto sauce filled trash! I was all about it in theory but quickly came to the realization that this is probably not the kind of work I was cut out for and opting, in my mind-to just lie and say the Tooth Fairy took it but only had her debit card and will come back on Friday with the cash. Not too bad, eh. But to spare my eternal damnation (as, if) my dashing prince laughing manned that 33 gallon bag of funk like a true hero! Crowd cheering...He has done it again, he recovers the stinkin' little incisor and restored peace in the Valley. I love him more than words could ever explain and I know a lot of useless words. There is something to be said about the person whose happiness is contingent mainly on the lives of his wife and children and driving skills of those around him...and the lights being off...and the bills being up to date...and Jordan not using his "things", and the rocks not being scattered out front...and, well you get it.
So back to my initial thought which will also be my closing one. I think that my decision to embrace my artistic, autonomous, anarchist personality and not cower to the Blue man has done a girl good. I'm broke and I owe, but I'm happy and that is priceless. I think who I am really comes across in my Pretty in Peace designs and business practices. It isn't what I do that is rocket-science, but the thought of doing it. Every ridiculous idea that you've ever thought up is an opportunity worth taking. I'm not talking about some totally eco-threatening, sadistic insanity, but your dreams; the run of the mill musings of an active mind. It sure beats the hell out of busting your ass as the "do-er" in someone else's dream. We all know how that wake up, and do it all over again.
What did you do today? Yeah, I'm talking to you! I told you, I'm gonna be on your ass. If you should stop at the bodega today know that I will know! Holds right eyelid down with right index finger. I'm a good friend, aren't I?

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