Friday, October 12, 2007

So I received my Peace Swap IV partner info last night...The insanity begins. It is 2:16 in the froggy morning and I'm here obsessing, eager and anxious and moreover awe-struck. I don't know if Peace-freaks are cut from the same cloth, bore of the same pod, or landed from the same ship, but my PS IV partner's responses to the questionnaire were eerily similar to mine. Even in the answers she circumvented. I have to make contact with her and get her OK to blog about her, but I will say that it is an exciting venture and from what I can glean in the early stages, we are likely to keep in contact for a lot longer than it will take me to design and execute the project that has me up at this ungodly hour.

Today is Friday, also known as Girls' Nite...Yael and I are putting together a vegetarian meal from the cookbook I took out from the library last week or the week before. What difference does it make? (Reminder to self to bring up interesting point about evolution and time) Anyway, so we're gonna put something tasty together, just the two of us. I think I'll be hoodwinked into watching some Disney programs too-but I've got crafting to do so I can be physically present while still preserving a few Hannah/Miley, Raven, Zack, Cody, Moseby, Gabriella, Zack and cute Ryan-free wrinkles in ye olde grey matter. I do like the Jonas' Brothers music though, so their commercial/video breaks are always welcome. Girls Nite is fun, Yael and I spend a lot of mom/daughter, teacher/student time together, but these Fridays are all about having fun and just being girls. I know at the end of the week I can sure use some lighthearted fun-time, and I'm sure she's due some.

I created a MySpace page for Beau today, actually he created it I'm sort of a Proxy. Actually it was yesterday...again with the dates. Anyway, I'm not sure I recall clearly what initiated the memory of my imaginary friends/supplemental psyches but I've been thinking about them often and wondering what happened to them. I know they're in there somewhere. Looks up and to the right and says "helloooo" with inner voice, you know the one that sings songs from the radio that actually sound just like the artist? Only, the artist has replaced several lines of lyrical content with nonsensical banter? That one!...Beau is the medium for...well maybe not bringing them back, but helping me understand why I don't need them anymore or simply can't find them. I'm (Tameka, the Tea) MySpace phobic...I'm curious in the same way I always look at roadkill and even focus my inner macro lens to capture the detail, but it always sickens me in hindsight. Same thing with MySpace, there are all of these people-some that I know...well, even-exploiting (although they'll call it showing/telling) what is probably the saddest factions of their Earthly existence to an entire transparent universe! That is pretty scary, to be that vulnerable. Well Beau allows me to explore that side of the world from behind a veil. It's not like folks don't know its me-its that, its the me the folks don't know. The me that ate in the kitchen with Dinah when I was lonely and the me that is Monica that was the tough girl who'd take me me to the bathroom so that I could flush without being savagely attacked at the exact moment the sound would drown out my cries for help. Laughs. She was also not afraid of Sheba; my horny, totally psychotic Siamese cat. I kinda miss those guys sometimes. I guess when I met my hunk of funky-garbage-manning Prince, they just knew I was gonna be okay...

It is pretty late so if anything doesn't make sense check back later after I edit it but I'm going live with the post right now... see you in a bit...

Peaks in at 12:04...Not too shabby...I fixed an insane run-on sentence, but...well more run-on than my usual vernacular...otherwise a fine read.

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