Saturday, October 20, 2007

Has it really been over a week since I wrote?! Geesh, if the voices in my head could type this blog would be a tome. Let's see here-what have I done all week?!
Well, I got my first check for my wholesale order Moves gluteus' in seat while sitting in lotus position. I have started de-shanking and sanding and cementing. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback on how the sales go retail. It's a small feat but it is a first and first everything is something to be excited about. It is the precedent, the lesson, the birth and death of something. I signed up for Indie Public that's me in the little box below, do you see me? Waves hello. Oh and I blow dried my hair, big deal right...not exactly I haven't blown my hair straight since I think February because it's been hot and I'm hormonally hot and too damn tired most of the time. When I finished, I felt the nostalgic gratification of having my natural locks pressed at the beauty parlor in Corona when I was young. There was enough grease in my hair to fill a turkey fryer...grease bleeding into my then un-plucked eyebrows, and you could not tell me that my shoulder length, chocolate brown, entirely too tightly curled hair was not the cats' meeeeow! It is a beautiful thing to beautify oneself every now and again, even if no one sees it but you.
I was dreading the whole round brush heat ridden insanity until about half way through when it started to come to fruition and the visual memories began to form. Hair styling-the combing, plaiting, pressing, blow drying, chemical treating-the whole "sha-bang" as my brother says is an integral part of black culture. Of course every culture styles their hair but the process of maintaining the complex textures and styles of ethnic hair make it especially notable. When I am styling my Yael's hair for picture day or a birthday, holiday-I fondly remember my youth. The barrette box, the "big" comb, the good ponytail brush...I love all of it. Good stuff...
Anyway, what else did I do this week-see how easy it is to goodness. Scrolls up to remind self. Oh, okay 34 is a tough age I tell ya, I signed up for Indie Public was where I got lost in thought. Well, it's an Indie community directory, I didn't develop my page as much as I would have liked. I will need to set up a day to list all of my items and really discipline myself to stay atop of the process. Joe is so much better than I am with routine discipline. I am more of a principles disciple...If I say that I am going vegan, it is done. Pledging ahimsa-it is shall be day, someday but not today, pass me a cookie...Yeah that is the deal with me unless it will truly matter when I leave this Earth...I find it difficult to incorporate. We all have our shortcomings, eh.
I got through all of this week's lessons, lectured Jordan on social diplomacy and dating, picked up the supplies for an unofficial Hermione Granger Hogwarts school uniform for Halloween folly and candy grubbing and still managed to squeeze in 2 six-packs of beer with the husband. Breathes deeply I think I need some kind of Black Belle Peace Prize or something, no? I'm like all over the place and doing it gracefully. My brother says that I am his hero on his Myspace page, my sister says I'm the best sister anyone can ask for, Iva has added Pretty in Peace accessories to her current Grown and Sexy line, Manoogs sent me a card and three packs of Serenity (the universe sure knows I could use some) incense. My mother even called me this week-and we had a nice chat?! Well go me, damn it!
Supposedly Mercury is in retrograde which I know to be true because I was about to give it to a couple of folks...well namely this one fucking energy leech on the Etsy forums, but being the super-sister-heroine-good-friend-jewelry-designing-domestic-goddess that I am, I detoured the lure of celestial insanity and took the high road, beer and creating stuff.
I made 2 pairs of earrings this week. Earrings are more fun mentally than they are in application. When the idea for a design hits I'm beckoned from my bed to the "studio" I've got to clear this shit off the table before the husband loses it completely. I pull out all the beads, the tools, assess any parts that I'll need to purchase, figure out the costs and then, the fun part is over. I'm definitely more architect than I am construction worker. The only downfall of indie business and selling handmade goods, and really it is the only downfall. I relish in the fact that I do not have to be a slave to what is "in". I know that each piece I mail is very limited edition because it just isn't in me as an individual to mass market any idea, concept or project. I lose interest easily. There are a handful of staples in my life, my family, my committee and my creativity-everything else is subject to frequent and immediate change without warning. It is a philosophy known only as Tameka. Ask anyone that knows me (good luck there aren't many) there are things of this world that can only be described as Tameka. Things as varied as a piece of art to a pair of boots-that is me. That is what I want each of my pieces to say...not just Tameka of course, but I'd like people to look at a piece and purchase it not because it says J-Lo, D&G, Joe Schmoe whatever but because they can look at it and say, "Oh this is so me". It'd be an insult to my buyers to mass produce. How many yous can there be, really?
So I yammered on the horn today and warmed my favorite spot on the sofa while watching National Geographic and Court TV all day and of course did not get around to photographing aforementioned earrings, so that, I will do tomorrow although there is no promising that I will get them up on this blog then...I try really I do, but believe it or not there's only one of me.

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