Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The pictures of the earrings are here...not too bad, it only took me two days. I'm really liking them-perhaps I'm style challenged as they haven't garnered many views. The masses just aren't ready, that's what I always say.

I saw Kathie today...I have this strange desire to type her name with a "y" instead of the "ie" at the end because she is an older, serious, intelligent woman. Somehow "ie" Kathie comes across as buoyant and bubbly and silly even. What is that transference dysfunction/phenomena when you transfer thoughts sounds colors even to symbols, letters and shapes? I'll figure it out and post a link to it. I have it. Whatever the damn thing is called. I was just telling Joe that the label logo sounds like "bloop" which translates for those of you who are not yet fluent in Tameka, as the sound of a plop of liquid with more mass than water-pudding, oil, not syrup that is more of a llllub lub...than a bloop-work with me everyone knows what a bloop sounds like, yes? Well Joe sees it as, I think he said an orbit or constellation or comet or something astronomical in nature and me, well I hear it as a bloop.

You can see how communication may have been a challenge in our 16 year marriage, yes. Laughs. Differences color the universe, it's all relative. And for the days that are full of brash colors that don't quite meld I have this. Joe bought this for me (at my behest of course) from the Dollar Tree near home. I love it-I already had an opportunity to put it to use. This little guy is the secret to marital bliss...well him and Kathie, but he's cheaper and cuter! This is my de-stress toy. Thinks do you de-stress or un-stress? Hmmm...Well, this is a toy that is supposed to keep you from squeezing your actual husband's nose or testes depending on the offense. I get quite a bit of relief out of eye rolling and sarcasm, but he has learned to deflect and placate me on the sarcasm and I find the constant eye rolling was beginning to cause severe headaches. I'm hoping this guy works out. I've gotten quite a few really helpful little tools from the Dollar Tree. Maybe, this one will be valuable beyond its price in currency. I wish he could wash clothes and mop, I mean he looks like a formidable guy, right? Yeah right! Laughs hysterically.

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