Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Charity begins at home... the kitchen with the "good" scissors and the big comb.

Yesterday was no ordinary hair day at Mom's salon. Well, there were the usual tears and threats to "leave you looking just like this". But, it was also much more, so much more, some might say it was the best hair day ever.

A few months ago after plans to have her nose pierced were thwarted by a responsible piercer (I say it's adultism...but that's a whole other post.) Yael Rose, looking for ways to express herself-gratefully sans the usual histrionics- spotted a young woman with BIG kinky curls. "Mom, can my hair do that? I wanna do that with my hair!" She was giddy at first sight.

Hair politics being what they are (and in my opinion aren't) I admittedly began deliberations; far more thought than was warranted for a hairstyle, but the pull of familiar thought patterns is strong even if said thought patterns are woven with ridiculous.

Whilst repeating, "It's only hair." In my mind, and at times aloud, it became clear to me that it may only be hair to us, but it is hair, like wow-oh-my-goodness-beautiful-amazing hair to someone in need, and the decision was finalized. Yael could have her cut, and BIG kinky curls and we'd entrust Locks of Love to pass on her generous gift of ooh-girl-thank-goodness-I-don' I mean wow-oh-my-goodness-beautiful-amazing hair!

And, we did it! Her donation was just under 11 inches when pulled straight. After the big cut, Yael exclaimed, "Well, I'll never do that again"! Already wrought with anxiety, I came from behind to face her and said excitedly, "You regret it?!" She replied, "Yeah. I'll never let it grow that long again!" Heartbeat? Check. One cool kid? You bet!

Note: BIG kinky curls 'grow' upon standing. Stay tuned...

Peace and love

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back...

"Ovid's Hope" In A People House -T.Allen-Mercado 2011

The winter season has, dear friends, taken me on quite a tour of the whirl variety, not at all to be mistaken for the far more propitious tour of the world variety. Tumult abound, I have been forced to face some painful truths. But, in the darkness of recognizance, I have found light in the infinite promise of hope.

“Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.” -Jean Kerr

I feel renewed and resigned-willfully this time- to accept hope as an answer, when all else fails. Thank you, all of you who have shown support here, or via Networked Blogs on Facebook. Your presence, and the realization that my words and feelings therein resonate with so many others is truly a gift.

This blog is a great source of comfort to me, and whilst I've been sucktastically erratic in my posting schedule, being here is one of the things I've missed and needed most. It feels good to be back, and believe me, I am back.

Peace and hope

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