Sunday, September 30, 2007

It has been a busy busy weekend. As you can tell from the pic of my studio aka dining room table. I've got a custom card and tags order in the works, alongside Aunt B's birthday present which I'm quite pleased with and looking forward to offering in my Etsy shop as well.

This is an altered Altoids tin decoupaged with some amazing Martha Stewart design archival papers and a genuine vintage chocolate candy label. Inside, there are four wooden magnets decoupaged with the mugs of Aunt B's favorite chocolate sweeties; Jay-Z, British actor Eamonn Walker, Mekhi Phifer and the magical Mr. Morris Chestnut!

She's gonna be thrilled with her fat free eye candy! I've got my suspicions that Aunt B is not the only Choco-holic and will offer this item for sale for a limited time in my Etsy shop, Looneybird Moonmaiden. (See link below)For $12.00 USD you will receive your very own altered assorted chocolates tin with the 4 sexual chocolates of your choice! Men have bars/strip clubs, magazines and construction sites-let the ladies have their chocolate!

What else is brewing? Pretty In Peace business is picking up! I had another order this weekend. The Pod ring had been garnering rave reviews in-house and on many wishlists, but no takers until Friday evening-when a stylish Texan hit Add To Cart! Another limited edition design. The components for the Pod ring were a shot in te dark. The idea just kinda came to me while watching Forensic Files one night. I jumped up and started rummaging through my supplies and there it was, the prototype for one of my favorite and most viewed items. The Helianthus ring also went to a new home this Friday. Another subtle but uber-stylish piece from the LIVE collection at Pretty In Peace. I think buyers shy away from costume pieces, because they aren't "real". Real shmiel, your lips aren't really glossy and your eyelashes if they are yours aren't that long or thick and luxurious and let me not even start on The Cat! For those of you outside of the committee, The Cat arrived courtesy of an old co-worker who never left home without it, her hair weave of course (or her unsightly baseball cap between visits to the Pet Shop). A nice purebred cat can run you hundreds of dollars-face it you don't always have that kind of money! But, for way less you can add a little mmmph, raise your cheekbones and put a smile on your face with a Pretty In Peace limited, "every damn body doesn't have it" design! Yes? Of course.

Make a statement before someone else does. Pretty In Peace was just contacted by a growing teen magazine with a new products and business information feature request for their Design section! Squeals! I'm totally psyched, and even if Pretty In Peace doesn't make the final cut, there are 30,000 sellers on Etsy-I was still one of the chosen few. I was schlepping for the evil Blue Octagon just 90 days ago, in cubicle purgatory-and now I'm an up and coming feel good accessories designer. Go me! Here's to a good week after I get some much needed sleep!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I just spent an entire hour, 60 precious minutes engaging in the most frivolous insanity-reruns of Martin, with Martin Lawrence. My goodness the insanity! It was like a train wreck, I was trying to work on promoting the shop and getting my orders ready to ship tomorrow, but alas-I sat here hypnotized by the foolishness. She-nay-nay...I know someone that is sadly very much akin to the stupidity that is She-nay-nay. I have this evil smile as I type because without looking at the TV I can only envision her. In some odd twist of neurotransmission, I have linked her to She-nay-nay like odor and feces. Hilarious! Well, for me it is-for her shameful! Damn that Jordan, he put in on and then pursuant to a bout with MySpace induced Alzheimer's never returned to the living-room to see it! (Now Good Times is coming on-and I don't wanna hear James Evan' s complaining about how broke he is because in just 8 or so hours I'll hear my own overworked husband's version of the same spiel! And that Florida is just too hard on the late night eyes!)
I just wire wrapped the coolest bean-shaped wood piece for a ring design. I'm watching the bond set now and I'm loving it. It is so tempting to just put everything on at once. I'd get so much more promoting done if I were still in NYC, but I seldom get dressed these days much less accessorize. I think tomorrow I'm gonna beat the face, burn the hair and take some self-love pics. Yael inspired me. Every so often she will (Jordan reappears to announce his adoration of Thelma from Good Times, he's got a TV crush in every show...wonder who he gets that from?! Hmmm...) don some of her dressier duds, some war-paint and a pair of my shoes that hurt my feet and traipse about the house in character. I think it is the healthiest thing in the world, and if I had more free time-I'd join her.
I'm proud of how confident she is, I hope it lasts! Confidence is like full immunity for all of the stupidity that young girls and women will encounter in this society. Confident girls don't put out for the wrong reasons. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting someone to pet your kitty. BUT, if you're looking for love or security or safety, like it' some magic wand-trust me you will quickly find the Fairy Godmother has the letters PhD as a suffix. Confident girls don't succumb to peer pressure as easily. I keenly remember, "Hey you want to go to X's house instead of school today?" Me-"Nah I'll stop by though during lunch." X still lives in the same place, doing the same thing as when the high school hooky parties' were happening. Confident girls have a walk, a talk, a je ne sais quoi. Confident girls work the room not the wall, if you don't see her, she isn't there. My mother hasn't always been available or made the best decisions, but I know who I am is everything I want to be and where I am is everywhere I want to be and where I'm going is everywhere I want to go-and no less.
Teaching my own children has awakened in me the lessons I never knew I was learning or consciously teaching for that matter. I'm grateful and proud all at the same time. So tomorrow, in celebration- I'm gonna play dress-up and model this amazing wire wrapped wooden bean shaped ring! I'm so craaaaaaaaazy!

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Shark

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Polar Bear

You have a strong character - you are an aggressive, ambitious, go-getter.
You were born to lead.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body

You're secure, trusting, and giving with friends and lovers
And while you may have been hurt before, you've bounced back
You're generally happy with your life - and no one's grass is greener than yours
One word of caution: some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!

Are you jealous?! It is the Point to Ponder du Jour here at the Honey House. ( I bet you like that!) Seriously, it has been a green, "Capital G R'a E-E-N week round these here parts! Ridiculous the shit I've witnessed and experienced. So, you all know by now (or maybe not or are pretending or otherwise refusing not to know) that I am part of a wond...well community of artists/artisans/craftsters etc. on It has lately been a den of backbiting, sniping snarky eNazis. Given the person that seems to be involved albeit unaffected by all of the goings on can be self righteous presumptuous, pompous, whiny emotionally draining and more. But we are adults people this is how we make the money (well not yet, but you know what I mean) Well, they've gone and done it and some users/buyers/sellers have actually been banned from the site. Banned, like you can not log in and play anymore. An "eBan" Now, that is heavy. I digress, sorry. So basically because I reside in my own selfish, competitive, business-oriented mind when I'm on the site have missed a great deal of the bitching. Well, today I caught up and as much as I really don't like the girl...yeah she's a friggin' pain in the crack of many asses-the manner in which the whole thing went down wreaks of jealousy! So what, she is successful at her craft! She is not a likable person. I personally would not buy from her because I am big on receiving only positive energies at this point in my life. Hell, I can dredge up enough angry, ugly vibes on my own.
Anyway, and I totally don't talk to any of my committee about the community because (and this is the second part of my rant) they aren't interested! Why aren't they interested-well it was made perfectly clear to me by none other than a member of the Royal Family (girls are in the committee, boys are royalty, take notes) they are jealous! Jealous?! Who wants to homeschool, manage the house, sweep, mop, dust and vacuum ad nauseaum and make shit to sell for fun-apparently me and I've found so much joy and relaxation and peace doing it that folks are perturbed. Tsk, yeah-my brows are a-wrinkle as well. I was under the impression that everyone wanted to be out at the club making a shout-out to their third baby daddy up in Cell Block C-shame on me, I have been misinformed.
It really really isn't about being happy for me as much as it is being happy with me. As Fat Fannie Annie puts it, "[I] don't have no hate for no-one". Hell, if you have three baby daddies', "Variety is the spice of life". If you are at the club three times a week, "Put a wiggle in it for me". So I ask, "Why then can't I get a little eclectic love thrown my way"? Take the quiz folks, take the quiz.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm awake and bored out of my gourd. I just heard the Kim Possible theme song sung in Spanish! Very funny, "Keem Po-see-blay" it's gonna be stuck in my head whenever the English version comes on I'll be the only idiota encantar en el spanol! Aye dios mio.
So I had a quiet weekend, I did some deep cleaning. The husband hinted that I was slacking in my uh...duties. Laughs I knew it needed to be done, I guess I was just hoping I didn't need to do it! At any rate, it's done now and alas the husband and the kids can tear it all up again. And, it's not that I'm not guilty as well, but heck if I'm the one that inevitably cleans it-what does it matter, true?
I'm so psyched about Pretty In Peace, but unlike my Love. Paper. Scissors. shop, I really have to tread lightly because I'm working with sterling silver and gemstones. There really is no room for error. Not on my budget as it stands right now. It is essential that I really map out the design and think through the logistics of it before I set out on the actual design. I enjoy that part though-it keeps me hemispherically balanced.
I traded on the Etsy site for the first time late last week with another artist that enjoys my shop. I traded my altered birthday tin for a set of gorgeous denim and floral cloth beaded coasters. They match perfectly with the federal blue suede in the living room. (Faux suede-I'm a conservationist/pacifist...Please do not confuse conservationist with conservative-that, I am not.) Oh and I signed up for Peace Swap 4! It is an artist collaborative, worldwide-where the participants design a piece of Peace themed art specifically for the fellow artist that they are assigned. I plan to blog the whole process in photographic detail. I'm excited and anxious. I don't consider myself a visual artist so this is a bit of a challenge. I am creative, but my artistic talent, or rather my forte is in my use of words. What makes my crafts and jewelry sell is the fact that I am a creative perfectionist-I don't know (and I may be totally off the mark here) that that constitutes art. I've always felt that "artist" is a given term whether you are active or not, like being a woman. There is a way that the visual artist sees and thinks that is different from the intellectual or even the musician. Well, anyway I'm participating in that.
I had an odd encounter on the forums today, and I'm grateful that it ended where it did, because I've been really working on peaceful coexistence with the Etsy community. There are a few people there that I can only refer to as "iThugs" or "eGangsters". They are cowards that hide behind their monitors and spew venom that they would be afraid to even think in the real world. I keep a running list of them, I don't shop their stores and I avoid them like pork in the forums. So today, of all the topics some asshole gets a hideous hump in her back in a Vegan thread. Yes, the irony. She bit my head off in the Vegan thread. I simply directed someone who stated that they were 70lbs overweight and thinking of becoming vegan from being an omnivore to consult a physician and take it slow. Well iThug goes on a rant about how you can get "real info from the Internet and why ask a doctor they don't know anything about nutrition." So, I'm like okkkkkkk, Internet, nutritionist, doctor whatever just consult someone and take it slow because the detox period can be daunting. To which iThug exclaims, "Nonsense!" But then, doesn't elaborate when I asked specifically what was nonsensical about what I'd just said. Y'know people are fucking ridiculous sometimes. I read shit everyday that I don't agree with and that doesn't make it nonsense. But whatever-that was my encounter with the eCannibal in the Vegan thread. Perhaps she needed a burger?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today started off a little bumpy but, once again-I got it in gear. It isn't the best of times where money is concerned, and while my mind says yammer, my heart says yield. (That just reminded me of R. Kelly, I think...who is the guy whose mind is telling him "no" "but [his] body [his] body is telling [him] ye-e-essssss?!" Well, him!) Yael just came in to scare me-if she only knew she marches through here like a college band!
Anyway, so back at the ranch-someone hit our car, gas is high, produce is high-(as a result of the gas prices). We live on produce and carbs as vegetarians...our teenager wants to dress like a superstar on a super-"MOM" budget, and so on and so on. It bugs me because my favorite guy is bothered, but in all actuality-I am content. I never had dreams of riches or stardom or fame. I am happy with the simplest of things. They are my personal luxuries. Completely free of any catalyst, Yael says to me-while facing the TV and watching the acclaimed SpongeBob, "Hey, I love you" with the kind of sincerity that only leaps from the lips of a child. Hell, I'm loaded. Everything is alright, outta sight with me. Sure, I could use more money-but would I trade what I have? Never.
I listed some more pieces in my jewelry shop today. I feel like Pretty In Peace is one of the brighter reflections of who I am on the inside. It is nice to have an outlet for the parts of me that for which "real world" is not ready. I shared an interesting moment with Joe this evening regarding my shop. I told him that my fan base was surprisingly not tantamount to my friend base, and he looked at me quizzically but not for the reasons you might think. He, (as a result of many many years pursuing and persevering an artist's life) knew better than to think any differently. In an odd way, I have always envied his knack for successfully tackling all that is grey in a land of black and white. Strange but stunning, traumatic but true; the lessons we learn on this journey, huh? In the end, it'll all work itself out-and if It doesn't well, it isn't the end. (Thanks, Jaybo!)

Please view some of the pieces I listed this evening, and lastly; one of the pieces I sold. Thank you, for supporting me or not, there is something to be learned from everyone/everything. Namaste.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am so proud of myself today. I was a little down last night, I could feel myself slipping but I caught myself and not only did I not slip-I soared. I'm feeling kinda wonderful right now, and I'm gonna ride this wave.

I'm in the isolation zone presently, it is the precursor to total invisibility. I'm just not feeling my "committee" lately. I can't tactfully express what it is about them that I find off-putting, but the intensity of whatever it is is rapidly increasing. I've neither answered nor returned recent phone calls, I'm selectively replying to e-mails...I guess I'm tired? Bored? Drained, perhaps? Hell, all are valid. Maybe I am experiencing growing pains. Not in the way most would describe them though. I am not necessarily outgrowing my friends as much as I am and have outgrown their perception of who I am. Which may very well just be that I have outgrown my perception of their perception of me. Nods head in satisfaction. That's it-because it really is an injustice to assume that I know-with any level of certainty, their perceptions or expectations of our friendship.

In many ways I feel like they're all still goal-setters, part of some 5, 10, 15 year plan. I can't truthfully support, reject or participate in any plans and apparently they are not too keen on joining me on aimless my journey to Neverwhere. It feels awkward though, like leaving home or changing careers or...just the all too familiar feeling of pushing the envelope, deviating from the path. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it never gets old, this feeling-like new shoes it can be bittersweet.

Well, I have many things to be grateful for while I molt. I have been feeling confident about my artistic ventures and even garnering some revenue as a result. I stayed the course this evening and stealthily launched Pretty In Peace with just a few accessories. I'm comfortable with the soft launch idea with so much else going on I really didn't want to blaze up and burn out as I all too often do.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Admirable restraint. If I had to sum up my day in two words or less, I could best describe the day by saying nothing other than, "Admirable restraint". I realize with each passing day just how difficult peaceful co-existence truly is. I spent a great deal of time alone as a child and as an adult-I admit that I'm not best known for my sparkling personality; I perform best as an individual contributor to the planet.
Well, everyone was home today...everyone is home everyday-well the kids are, but the husband brings a whole new dynamic to the household. Today, that dynamic was dastardly! He was in a foul mood and the energy of his mood was the catalyst (as if I needed one) to exacerbating my borderline foul mood. I just wanted to create today. Create in solitude. Yael was all about it. She woke up this morning and said, "Mom-I need a break can I be absent today?" Mentally absent, as in no homeschooling..."Okay" says mom-knowing I didn't feel much like teaching today either..okay so that's one down. Jordan is self-sufficient as long as there is phone and food-all clear on that end. So who gets the "Pain in the Ass" pass for today? The husband! He's moping and sulking and groaning and balking and grimacing and just being an all around "Blah-Monster". Its days like this when I wish I had Asperger's or some dissociative disease that would render me immune to his wanton ways and I could just go on about my day singing Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan and sipping Diet Coke; heavy on the ice, in a glass please. Y'know, really is that too much to ask? Um... apparently...yup!
So, today is sort of a do-over. He's going back to work tomorrow and of course I'll have to teach, but if I wake up before the masses I can still get in a yoga DVD and perhaps a bit of crafting. It's not a total bummer, I did manage to remain calm-in fact frighteningly calm.Watch out next week's gonna be a doozy.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Synchronicity II!

That's it damn it! And, there ain't nothing like, "biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness" to jog ye olde memory bank! The Police and Fat Tire beer, "So happy together!"
As an aside, I don't think Sting ever says anything about "yellow boxes", but we all "speaky de song-speak" at one time or another.
If you have any good ones (song lyrics you consistently botch 'cause you're dumb). Please drop me a line at:
Love, (Why does beer make us better/nicer/caring/courteous people?)
Oh! I taught an interesting lesson on apostrophe use today. I gotta tell you apostrophe's ai'nt our friends'!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's another gorgeous sun-filled morning in the Sonoran desert. (That line just reminded me of a Police/Sting song...which one though...hmmm...hums unintelligibly sings hesitantly, "on a dark Scottish lake..." that's all I can recollect. I'm sure it'll come to me at some arbitrary moment and I'll blurt it out excitedly in a room full of onlookers who are clueless as to why I've suddenly come undone.)
The week is moving along nicely in the Moonmaiden home, no big plans for the weekend. I need to get this house in order. When your home is an indie record label, jewelry shop, arts and crafts bazaar and both grammar and high schools things- tend to get a bit uh...nuts. There is laundry on the sofa (clean, of course) Beau needs a bath and some cage cleaning, I've got to sell some paper scraps and excess unused supplies, bag clothes for donation and still find time for a pedicure, a foreign film and some Law & Order. What?! I can too do it, trust me.
Oh, one odd happening. I signed Yael up for this international pen-pal thing and she got a few replies but the ones that have been most consistent are an 8 years old boy in Australia, an 8 years old girl in Ireland and a 12 years old West African boy who is bordering on harassing with his insistence that we adopt him! Is this for real? Of course my kids are haranguing me like I'm an ogre or something and perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems suspicious. Is he the heir to the large sum of money that Bitu Okepopo left his wife who e-mails me several times a week requesting that I deposit her check in to my already overdrawn checking account? I'm not buying it. Ever since I saw the Dateline NBC special I've been way paranoid. I tell you if I had any money I might not even open the e-mails for fear that there was some heightened phishing scam that would grant access to my millions.
Now, clearly I am venting to you all, but I've been as courteous and kind as possible with the child, despite my suspicions that he is a 47 years old scam artist. Somehow, when I signed up for a pen pal in or about the 5th grade it was a safe seamless, sincere means of making a new friend and enlightening oneself to the cultures and customs of others. What happened? I love this advanced technological society we live in but is anything safe, simple or sacred anymore?
Looks up and to the right singing, "... tiny yellow boxes...nananana" hums "dark Scottish Lake" What the hell song is that? I think it's one of the Synchronicity releases...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bad news at the old home front. It seems as I was sitting awake discussing culture with my daughter a dear family friend was sitting home missing her daughter and two sons. Last Wednesday evening, officials from the Administration for Children's Services in NY removed her children from the home citing neglect. Subjectively speaking as a mother this whole ordeal is bittersweet. Do I think the children were being neglected? I can't really take a stance on this. Were there areas of her parenting that I found unsuitable? Overall, her parenting style or lack thereof ran consistent with her identity as a woman. She is indifferent overall, just a very hands off person. All across the board, in her personal maintenance, housekeeping, romantic relationships, employment and parenting. This is where my confusion lies. I am a very hands on in control person in every aspect of my being. I am deeply involved in my husband's life as well as my children, their friends and anyone else whom I hold dear. This doesn't make me a better parent though. To the child who requires or prefers more freedom, this could be considered smothering or even stifling. Many may perceive this as my neglect, as I am ignoring and otherwise not nurturing their desire or need for freedom and autonomy. Once fairly early on in my parenting a girlfriend stated that she hardly see me kiss hug or show any affection towards my son who was probably about 6 years old at the time. Being childless herself she did not realize that kisses and hugs from your mom in public affront real live breathing people is a fate worst than death. I don't think I defended myself at that point, because like I said she was childless. It did stay with me though and I promised that I'd revisit the topic when she became a mom. Funny though, before I actually had the opportunity to address it, another friend pointed out to me that she spanks. Something that I do not do-because it isn't required to discipline my children, but I do understand the practice does "work" for some families.

I think women and mothers see the world very differently. Strictly speaking as a woman, her track record with Children's Services is lengthy and there are definitely areas that would garner concern from the conventional audience. As a mother though, I see her as a single mother on welfare, involved in an unhealthy romantic relationship, impoverished and uneducated. It doesn't make for the perfect model of a mother, but none of us are perfect, our children included. I am perfectly aware of my imperfections as a parent but the difference is that I rely heavily on the cognizance of those imperfections to work through them. If she is guilty of anything I'd say it is ignorance. And above what I think i know that her children love their mother and if asked would tell you that they beleive she does do her best. My heart goes out to her. I can't imagine the gut wrenching emptiness she feels right now. The pain of missing or losing a child is deep, the feelings are raw and guttural and primal.

The year after my grandfather passed, my youngest uncle died. It was the first time that I saw my grandmother as one of us, a mom. She was always my mother but she was a woman until the pain of her loss transcended us to the same place, motherhood. As I type my children are seated behind me and they're engaged in their usual bickering while eating ice cream at 10:40 PM on a week night. This is absolutely ridiculous, but with the news i just heard, I'm so grateful to have them beside me that I sit here content and even a little happy, bickering and all.

I wish I could do more for her. She spoke with her sons this evening ages 5 and 6 and they were well, upbeat even as they told her of the bicycles and video game console they received from their foster family and how they were headed to a movie later. I don't know that they understand the magnitude of what is happening and probably won't until they fall off the bike, there is nothing like a mother's kiss-your mother's kiss. I take nothing away from foster families, it is a noble gesture that I would love to take a stab at although I'd favor a mentoring family versus a foster family. One who would take another entire family under their wing and help them help themselves. The system works to enable the ignorant destructive cycle to keep spinning generation after generation. Teach these parents to be responcible and accountable for their actions and children. As it currently stands the state is spanking the parents without addressing what they've done wrong or developing a plan of action to correct and modify the behavior. Seems awfully hypocritical from where I'm seated, but I'm just a mom.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Children and Culture

Last night, well this morning at 12:00 am, I watched part of the National Geographic Taboo series with my "Shoob" (my 8 yo daughter Yael). Options were limited and after about 8 minutes of Mad TV I knew that absorbing culture (hah, Manny) was the more propitious choice. So this particular episode was about global beauty standards. Featured were both US plastic surgeons and Mesangih rites of the Balinese. Now, I preface this by saying that National Geographic specials are a momentous event for me and have been since I was a child. I never gave it any thought to introduce my children to the wonders of culture in far off lands as I thought was one of the oddball traits that only my dad I and I shared. This, since Carl Sagan astronomy books and National Geographic magazine and televised specials were routine in my parent's house growing up.

The show begins with the Balinese people. First Question...

Yael: So what are they, like homeless?

Me: No, that is where they live, they are villagers. (Village for my daughter is The Village Inn, Jordan, my son who is 15 and a tad more cultured might say Greenwich Village if he were asked)

Yael: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, drawn out like I've just revealed the answer to the existential question.

A few minutes pass and as the villagers of preparing for a tooth filing ritual (One of beautification for the tribes women) a local who has already had her teeth filed is interviewed. In a split screen the woman who has not had the tooth filing done is shown. When they mention that a shaman will perform the tooth filing. My daughter says, referring to the woman who has not had the ritual performed.

Yael: I get it, so like he is a kind of dentist where they live.

Me: No, he is a shaman...a kind of doctor, but for other cultures.

Yael: tilts head to side-Culture, you mean like how we don't celebrate Hanukkah?

Me: Uh, yes kind of like that. They like their teeth that way in that culture.

Yael: Ohhh, do you have to?

Me: No, but if you were part of their village surely you'd want to.

Now, Joe and I watch the special almost weekly and I go on every time about how the shaman the townspeople their grandparents and all would have to just kill me before I'd let them carve me up. Later followed by they'd kill me before puberty for trying to unionize the villagers or teach them to shop online. All being facetious. But, today I'm being mindful of our future and doing what I call the functional mom gig.

Now the narrator takes us through the village citing the role of the others in preparation for the event. In communal living cultures such as this, everything involves everyone. Ugh, it would be the death of me. I remember carrying Yael while living in an apartment complex where everyone of my roller clad, bench sitting neighbors would ask shit like "Is it hot enough for you"? Are you still pregnant? Uh, no now I'm acutely constipated and the excessive perspiration- that's part of my whole detoxification plan! Move on...So, the husband of the woman to be ritualized who is a newly appointed chief has to pay the shaman. Who happens to be his father. Ha! And the price is A pig, a sago palm, and a chicken. Upon the narrators explanation that pork is traditional celebratory fare, my happy little vegetarian smiles and says:

Yael: I get it! It's like Fear Factor!

Stifling my laughter and at the same time wondering how (now that we live in Acculturate AZ) I can incorporate more world fiber into my children's diet. It is an important part of who I am and who we are as a family being from such diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This is an amusing yet frightening example of how societies form their outlook and judgement of others. There is another child somewhere, not far from here who has the same questions and another parent out there who isn't as open-minded and accepting. I will not be that parent, nor will I raise those children.

How about you?

PS. The US segment featured a white American male getting ass implants, we went to bed.

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