Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Admirable restraint. If I had to sum up my day in two words or less, I could best describe the day by saying nothing other than, "Admirable restraint". I realize with each passing day just how difficult peaceful co-existence truly is. I spent a great deal of time alone as a child and as an adult-I admit that I'm not best known for my sparkling personality; I perform best as an individual contributor to the planet.
Well, everyone was home today...everyone is home everyday-well the kids are, but the husband brings a whole new dynamic to the household. Today, that dynamic was dastardly! He was in a foul mood and the energy of his mood was the catalyst (as if I needed one) to exacerbating my borderline foul mood. I just wanted to create today. Create in solitude. Yael was all about it. She woke up this morning and said, "Mom-I need a break can I be absent today?" Mentally absent, as in no homeschooling..."Okay" says mom-knowing I didn't feel much like teaching today either..okay so that's one down. Jordan is self-sufficient as long as there is phone and food-all clear on that end. So who gets the "Pain in the Ass" pass for today? The husband! He's moping and sulking and groaning and balking and grimacing and just being an all around "Blah-Monster". Its days like this when I wish I had Asperger's or some dissociative disease that would render me immune to his wanton ways and I could just go on about my day singing Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan and sipping Diet Coke; heavy on the ice, in a glass please. Y'know, really is that too much to ask? Um... apparently...yup!
So, today is sort of a do-over. He's going back to work tomorrow and of course I'll have to teach, but if I wake up before the masses I can still get in a yoga DVD and perhaps a bit of crafting. It's not a total bummer, I did manage to remain calm-in fact frighteningly calm.Watch out next week's gonna be a doozy.

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