Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today started off a little bumpy but, once again-I got it in gear. It isn't the best of times where money is concerned, and while my mind says yammer, my heart says yield. (That just reminded me of R. Kelly, I think...who is the guy whose mind is telling him "no" "but [his] body [his] body is telling [him] ye-e-essssss?!" Well, him!) Yael just came in to scare me-if she only knew she marches through here like a college band!
Anyway, so back at the ranch-someone hit our car, gas is high, produce is high-(as a result of the gas prices). We live on produce and carbs as vegetarians...our teenager wants to dress like a superstar on a super-"MOM" budget, and so on and so on. It bugs me because my favorite guy is bothered, but in all actuality-I am content. I never had dreams of riches or stardom or fame. I am happy with the simplest of things. They are my personal luxuries. Completely free of any catalyst, Yael says to me-while facing the TV and watching the acclaimed SpongeBob, "Hey, I love you" with the kind of sincerity that only leaps from the lips of a child. Hell, I'm loaded. Everything is alright, outta sight with me. Sure, I could use more money-but would I trade what I have? Never.
I listed some more pieces in my jewelry shop today. I feel like Pretty In Peace is one of the brighter reflections of who I am on the inside. It is nice to have an outlet for the parts of me that for which "real world" is not ready. I shared an interesting moment with Joe this evening regarding my shop. I told him that my fan base was surprisingly not tantamount to my friend base, and he looked at me quizzically but not for the reasons you might think. He, (as a result of many many years pursuing and persevering an artist's life) knew better than to think any differently. In an odd way, I have always envied his knack for successfully tackling all that is grey in a land of black and white. Strange but stunning, traumatic but true; the lessons we learn on this journey, huh? In the end, it'll all work itself out-and if It doesn't well, it isn't the end. (Thanks, Jaybo!)

Please view some of the pieces I listed this evening, and lastly; one of the pieces I sold. Thank you, for supporting me or not, there is something to be learned from everyone/everything. Namaste.

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