Sunday, September 30, 2007

It has been a busy busy weekend. As you can tell from the pic of my studio aka dining room table. I've got a custom card and tags order in the works, alongside Aunt B's birthday present which I'm quite pleased with and looking forward to offering in my Etsy shop as well.

This is an altered Altoids tin decoupaged with some amazing Martha Stewart design archival papers and a genuine vintage chocolate candy label. Inside, there are four wooden magnets decoupaged with the mugs of Aunt B's favorite chocolate sweeties; Jay-Z, British actor Eamonn Walker, Mekhi Phifer and the magical Mr. Morris Chestnut!

She's gonna be thrilled with her fat free eye candy! I've got my suspicions that Aunt B is not the only Choco-holic and will offer this item for sale for a limited time in my Etsy shop, Looneybird Moonmaiden. (See link below)For $12.00 USD you will receive your very own altered assorted chocolates tin with the 4 sexual chocolates of your choice! Men have bars/strip clubs, magazines and construction sites-let the ladies have their chocolate!

What else is brewing? Pretty In Peace business is picking up! I had another order this weekend. The Pod ring had been garnering rave reviews in-house and on many wishlists, but no takers until Friday evening-when a stylish Texan hit Add To Cart! Another limited edition design. The components for the Pod ring were a shot in te dark. The idea just kinda came to me while watching Forensic Files one night. I jumped up and started rummaging through my supplies and there it was, the prototype for one of my favorite and most viewed items. The Helianthus ring also went to a new home this Friday. Another subtle but uber-stylish piece from the LIVE collection at Pretty In Peace. I think buyers shy away from costume pieces, because they aren't "real". Real shmiel, your lips aren't really glossy and your eyelashes if they are yours aren't that long or thick and luxurious and let me not even start on The Cat! For those of you outside of the committee, The Cat arrived courtesy of an old co-worker who never left home without it, her hair weave of course (or her unsightly baseball cap between visits to the Pet Shop). A nice purebred cat can run you hundreds of dollars-face it you don't always have that kind of money! But, for way less you can add a little mmmph, raise your cheekbones and put a smile on your face with a Pretty In Peace limited, "every damn body doesn't have it" design! Yes? Of course.

Make a statement before someone else does. Pretty In Peace was just contacted by a growing teen magazine with a new products and business information feature request for their Design section! Squeals! I'm totally psyched, and even if Pretty In Peace doesn't make the final cut, there are 30,000 sellers on Etsy-I was still one of the chosen few. I was schlepping for the evil Blue Octagon just 90 days ago, in cubicle purgatory-and now I'm an up and coming feel good accessories designer. Go me! Here's to a good week after I get some much needed sleep!

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