Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ACEOs: My Sophomore Purchase

Every Freakin' Day Of My Life-A Screenplay

Cast of characters:

Tameka-The mad matriarch. She rules with a pen in one hand and a caffeinated beverage in the other. There is no craft project she cannot conquer, all the while homeschooling, building character, engaging in impromptu therapy sessions for friends and siblings, watching Law & Order reruns, snuggling kittens, blogging, chatting on Etsy yet still managing a tasteless joke and bit of crude wit every now and again. Unbelievable! It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...and since she's a perfectionist and anyone else would simply botch it-she's the woman!

Joseph-The pessimistic patriarch. He laments about the budget, the bills, the boy, the girl, the pets...have I missed anything? He's the resident musician, DJ, remixer, producer, indie label owner and eccentric entrepreneur. When not lamenting he is lightheartedly retelling the comedic version of his last outburst. He's creative and sensitive, hardworking and loyal. He's the man.

Jordan Mark-Takes deep breath. The pubescent son. Jordan...Exhales. Is the friend that everyone wants to hang out with. Nothing is important in Pubertyville where the inhabitants are all invincible, affluent anarchists, fighting for the right to keep the oppressive parents from gaining power and getting rest, he is KING. Resident rapper and survivalist, he leads the faithful followers from the discomforts of his suburban home where the bills are paid and the perks are plentiful. Whispers. Between you and I, I think my Jordan has a contract with a pharmaceuticals company specializing in psychotropic medications. Shhh.

Yael Rose-Yael is the exalted 8 year old ruler of our universe. When she is unhappy, a cry is heard throughout all nations, under any and every imaginable God, in excess of 40 minutes. Or, until "The Man" emerges from his cave, in his super-powered tee and boxers to declare peace or punishment in the land. Oh and did I mention when she is not crying she is simply proselytizing on the gospel of Disney Channel? Well, that too.

There you have it folks, I sit here- beer in hand amongst the masses, amidst the insanity that I call, "Family". This whimsical ACEO by fellow Arizona artist, Gwynne Collins pretty much sums it up; we are bright, bold, funky, four-we are family! Ugh I hate that song. Enjoy more of Gwynne's astounding works on Etsy.com in her shop, aptly named Pen Gwynne Art. Please drop a comment and let Gwynne know she's all about it!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

ACEOs! Part One

Huh? Looks about quizzically.
That's exactly what I thought last year, perusing the Etsy fora and reading post upon post about the elusive art form. I'm thinking, "Am I out of the loop?" I was concerned that my move from NYC to AZ had stripped me of my progressive avante garde status in the world of Arts and Entertainment. Once you're out, I hear they won't let you back in! Smiles.

Well, ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They are collectible works of art, the only rule is that they measure 2.5" by 3.5". That's it! Any artistic medium you can conjure to meet the aforementioned stats and, you my dear have created an ACEO. And you don't have to tell me twice, I'm all over it, just you wait and see.
I have recently needed to find outlets for my mental salmagundi (now, that is a great word)- something lighter than writing musings and real life. My Pretty in Peace jewelry line is doing quite well, but as mentioned previously, creative minds need the occasional purging. So, that being said, I have taken to creating and collecting ACEOs, although not quite in that order. The creation process for me has gone as far as collecting ephemera. Collage will be my premier medium and I've also managed to pick up some fantastic pencils and paints, baby steps.

While I continue to toss ideas around in my mind's eye, I have started to build quite an interesting assortment of works that I'd like to share. ACEOs have become a special treat that I give myself every time I meet a personal or professional goal. Please drop in throughout the next couple weeks (or months depending on what tangent interrupts this project) and have a look at these beautiful works. The talented artists behind each piece can be found on Etsy.

This piece titled Starving Artist by Lissalush is my cherry bustin', premier, welcome to the madness, very first ACEO damn it! I purchased this piece as a gift for myself during the Christmas season. It was my treat for completing my Christmas shopping with money earned as a starving artist. It is pretty damn great isn't it?!

Do comment please, Melissa is out there lurking and would like to read all of your unabashed praise. Go on, don't be shy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not the most beautiful day in the neighborhood today, it's raining and dreary in the desert. I finally hit 100 listings in my Etsy shop though, so it wasn't all bad. I've taken a brief hiatus to renew and cleanse my mind of jewelry design, copycats and other subtle annoyances. I've taken to lighthearted creative outlets, paper crafting, organizing my Flickr page and singing to the kittens. I'm no American Idol, but Anju thinks I sing a mean cover of the Black Crowes Hard to Handle. I don't know why but that song came to me while trying to wrestle him down before he trotted over my newly mopped floor with stinking kitty poo paw.

Well, this'll be a brief post because favorite guy needs his PC, the mighty pubescent one is on mine and I could really use some beauty rest. Winks. Believe it or not that bronze beauty in the profile pic actually looks a lot more like this whilst blogging. Have no fear though, in just a few winks and a swish of Carmex, I'm right back with the best of them! It's all just tricks of the trade ladies and gents.

On that subject, Here is a Step One pic of my project du jour. In just a few days, these unfinished wood re-fashioned $1.99 frames will be 2 gorgeous custom name plaques...just you wait and see! Of course they'll take quite a bit more than a few winks and a swish of Carmex, though! Smiles.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Moment of Truth, did you watch it? I probably would have passed it up had it not been for its place on the boob tube roster. The segue from American Idol was ever so subtle. One minute I'm thinking poor guy wasn't so bad and the next thing you know I'm sucked in. I will probably not watch it again, but it was rather interesting.
I've been dealing with some issues of deception and betrayal lately and while I am far from self-righteous I have a newly heightened sense of self and my own integrity based on some of the situations I've observed, and even been intricately involved. Of course that is simply because all lies are intricate.
Secrets feed lies and truth feeds character ~Tameka
Perhaps, I'll make in into a book or an email signature posthumously. Smiles.
Human beings begin their catapult into language development at the average age of 2, subsequently (provided they have regular social interaction, I.e. not orphaned, etc.) they will begin to make the correlation between words and emotional reactions somewhere between 4-6 and in there, between 5-7 we learn to manipulate situations to steer them in our favor by, of course-the use of language. That in mind, by adulthood you've had more practice lying than anything else! And boy do we get a great deal of practice!
So, I'm watching this show, Moment of Truth and I'm thinking how hard can it be? I even go as far as to phone a girlfriend and say,"Yeah, so what I have this opinion about X,Y,Z I'm entitled perhaps it'll send me to hell, surely it won't be the only thing". Just then, the questions start to get more personal. I have to now rethink my stance. I know without a shadow of doubt that secrets feed lies and, lies like the elephant in the room will grow until the walls come down. Now as a self proclaimed control freak, any secrets that I tell and have told are strategically devised as not to relinquish power. In short, nothing detrimental to my personal well-being has ever left my lips no matter how many glasses of alcohol have touched said lips.Pauses to pour a glass of Pinot Grigio and comment on Jordan's musical selection.
Basically, I cannot and will not be black-mailed...nope, I am all too abreast of the power of truth. That's right, it isn't the lie that holds the power but the truth, which getting back to the show is the reason the producers are willing to pay $500,000 for just telling the truth.
Now, don't mistake talking too damn much for honesty. In all relationships some things are simply better left unsaid, this is friends, family members, acquaintances, both personal and professional. You know like telling a new parent that their baby is ugly, just in bad taste all around, but more importantly don't share this with anyone who might use it against you in a huff.
Okay, I'm all over the place tonight, basically what I was piecing together in the shower is, the why. Why do we lie? It seems like a simple question, but trust that even upon asking myself in the mirror, I was tempted to put together some semblance of a palatable albeit not totally honest response. During the course of the show, the host asks the contestant if he thinks he is better looking than all of his friends. Seems simple enough, but is it? The true answer to that one question holds the power to make or break friendships and impressions. If you don't feel as attractive as your peers, would you admit your poor self image around them? Do you then have to worry that it will be used against you? Everyone has a predatory relationship. Yes, everyone has that one person who waits for their opportunity to build a chasm of a crack in your ego. Can't think of one, then chances you are the person. Now on the other side of the coin, if you say you are the most attractive (as the contestant did) chances are you risk the same fate, only your heightened self-worth will bring greater contempt. I compare it to misjudging the height/ weight of an object. You see a large boulder, upon preparing to lift it, your brain sends the signal to the glands, "Release the adrenaline and testosterone needed for this arduous task". You position yourself and apply strength, well, same thing happens mentally. The predator is still coming for you, only with the big guns now.
Human beings are obligate social creatures, just as carnivores will eat their young for survival of the species, herbivores will climb the highest tree and we will stoop to the lowest low to protect our ego, the food of social acceptance. It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? Tell the truth, you're combing your grey matter for your last untruth and dissecting it right now, know you are not alone. Good night.
I accept and even answer comments...go on, don't be shy...and don't be fresh either-the pen, rather the keyboard in this case-is mightier than the sword. Holds up finger and blows on it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

It has been a pleasant few days since my last post. Some revelations, introspection a little conflict and even an epiphany. I'd say that's pretty good. Oh, and of course a little beautification going on, with my new blog and shop banners, graphic design credits go to Etsy artists Craftlicious and Ohkimma respectively.

Other Etsy news, I made my 200th sale this morning, I'm over the top about that. I have for so long battled perfection paralysis and I truly believe stepping out, well more leaping out and into my creative self has cured me. Art allows you to set the bar in your mind's eye, there is no right or perfect way other than your rightful vision. I'm proud of myself. I have a custom order for my other shop and then I will focus on adding some more photography to Pretty in Peace. It's colorful in the beautiful Sonoran desert this time of year, a perfect time to delve into my photographic self.

On a more personal note, life has been good for a few days. I've been really trying to get a handle on my emotions. Not just the depression, but my emotional health overall. I've come to the realization that my sensitivity is a double edged sword. I feel both love and contempt with the same fervor. I'd of course like to keep the former and relieve myself of the latter, but I fear it will leave me too vulnerable. My ability to tap into that deep place for whatever purpose is both a blessing and a curse. I'm often met with so much ambivalence in social situations, that I opt for stagnation which is not at all beneficial. What would the world do without my wit?! Laughs.
I'm taking a few Etsy detox days, just to relax and regroup. I've got a bunch of chores that need completion and the sushi that is my mind needs a little palate cleansing ginger. Thinks, compares mind to sushi-yes, a break is probably overdue. I'm serious I don't know where this shit comes from, but when my creativity has regressed to sushi-it's time to put the old broad to rest. I'll be back detailing the trials, and triumphs of my Etsy-free days and nights.
As an aside before I bid adieu-I have received some rather interesting e-mails, phone calls and comments regarding The Riddance passage. I just want you all to know, on many levels how absolutely validating and inspiring are your thoughts and words. As a writer, knowing that I have "hit the spot" is orgasmic. As a woman and, an inhabitant of this often cruel world, it is reassuring to know that there are others who've been where I've been, seen the things I've seen, felt the pain I have felt and yet, are have enough sanity to surf the web! I'm sure you were thinking something monumentally profound would follow-but in reality, sanity is just not so damn easy to come by anymores! (The pluralization of anymore is a deliberate dedication to Forest Hills, Queens NY.)

I love you mwah...hahaha, Roxanne you're too cute!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Riddance

I guess I'm feeling bitter tonight. Maybe not bitter, in many ways I am and feel triumphant but disappointed that the "game" has not been fair. I wrote this, off the cuff. I'm going to call it:
The Riddance
There are things in this life and of this world for which there are no second chances. It is a myth that the sun always rises. There are offenses that apologies cannot assuage. There are hearts that never mend, and trust forever lost. Every day comes with choices, the seen and unseen, heard and unheard, spoken and moot. It is what you choose to do in solitude that defines you. The secrets that you keep, your level of grace, character and integrity stand before you. Some of us are intrinsically open and trusting and honest, some of us aspire to learn. Others are cunning, Machiavellian, pariahs with no aspirations other than the survival of said deceptions. Some will be revealed, some will remain veiled, but karma awaits all. Stop. Think. And, never underestimate the power of Kali.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Singing "Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way!" Thanks, Marcy Berliner-she was my crazed grammar school music teacher. Every once in a while, I'll just burst into song (in my head, of course) and it'll either be some ridiculous music appreciation-esque song or Bet On It from High School Musical 2. At this point, if you are not singing this song, you have not lived! (At least not with a 4-14 year old child.)
Today was a good day... (Now, I'm thinking Ice Cube)Raps- I didn't even have to use my AK...I gotta say it was a good day....Hums to tune of keyboard in hook.

So, it starts with an Etsy front page feature again. Again I say, did you hear me?! Twice, talk about extra super duper awesomeness! But, greater than the the front page was the number of community members who thought to convo me with kudos and notification. I guess I didn't realize how "visible" I am in the community. Thanks guys! Blushing.

I also had about 5 sales, so I treated the over-worked favorite guy to breakfast. We hit up the gently used children's clothing store, picked up some groceries and back home for 4 episodes of 24 on DVD! Now some of you may think, "Mmmmmk' when does the day start to get good?" Silly rabbits, fun is for kids-Joe and I are just happy to have a teenager-makes-poor decision- 'tween-cries-for-45 minutes-for-no-apparent-reason free day, with no work and enough gas in the car to schmooze about the strip malls of Suburbia! Life is good.

The creative juices have been flowing, I've made at least 2 pieces daily for the past week, I think. That is great, considering Valentine's Day is approaching. I don't know if there are many crazed Hallmark Holiday Whores out there, but I shop for every holiday with a theme. Hopefully, some love-sick freaks will be in the market for a l'il Hippie Couture this February 14th. I've outdone myself the past 2 years...I'm feeling a little pressure this year. Wondering if I can compare to the magic of last year's wife! For '06 I wrote a contest winning-Pauses for applause. Essay-writing contest about romance for msn.com and, last year I designed a collage of our most prized memorabilia; my promise ring, a book of matches from our wedding reception, his first wedding band and assorted embellishments...it was to cry for (both of us shhhh) Now I'm thinking, "Well what'd you go and do that for?! How can I top that?!" Pole- dancing is a thought, but he might really think I've gone mad, he fears my behavior enough as it is! I dunno, I'll have to think of something.
Other than that, I guess I've been fairly thought-free. Looks up and to the right to check for thoughts. I did have one of those semi-conscious discussions about feline behavior with Joe earlier during the week. But, he wasn't listening and all I can remember is stating that both our kittens have very different personalities although they are reared the same. Only, later to question how an animal could have a "personality"...to which Joe murmured "it's called characteristics" and I disagreed stating that would be like stripes or physical description, "It's their disposition" I said, "That we are discussing". Then, we fell asleep. Shrugs.

Everyday we're together, I'm reminded just how extraordinary ordinary is. Today was a good day. Sips beer while watching kitten lick nether regions and logs off.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's 10:51 and I'm inhaling donuts-not good. But I'm not totally lame since my NEW! MP4 thingie that favorite guy bought me for the favorite day (X.Mas) is charging up, ready to go with all of my awesome Yoga mixes. It is time to hit the mat hard and heavy, my core is mushy and my mind is cloudy.
The key to yoga... as if you asked right? Well, the key is to begin before you are actually awake awake. You know like before you can think of all of the other things you'd rather do or eat than yoga. This is the way, seriously. And if you're stale drunk from the night before even better, you're not fully there until Corpse pose and Namaste. Laughs
I've been spending time with Lover, last night was the marvel of cloning. Did you know that cloned cells are biologically "born" aged. They begin their lives at the point of cloning. So if I were cloned right now, I'd have a gorgeous, newborn with arthritic thumbs, grey hair, no patience, an affinity for refined sugar, too much cellulite and a life expectancy of oh say about 50 years. If you're into that sort of thing, I guess it's OK-but I just don't see cloning as a successful alternative to population preservation. It would be pretty funny though! Winks.

Monday, January 7, 2008

These are two of my latest Pretty in Peace designs. The Flo earrings and Love Stung necklace are part of my LOVE collection. These 2 pieces really signify my growth as a jewelry designer. They are rugged by my use of oxidized metals, earthy in their representation of nature's beauty and they are feminine. Each piece with it's muted tones really adds that air of romanticism. It gives me a special feeling of satisfaction and pleasure when my hands and my mind's eye connect flawlessly.

The ability to take an idea and make it a tangible piece of beauty is substantially gratifying and a piece of the puzzle I'd been silently seeking for some time.

Find your piece and find your peace.
These original designs are available for purchase in very limited quantities each piece is individually handmade to order by me.
Thank you.

I am in love...

At once he suddenly appeared, dressed in understated tones of brown. It was a rainy day in the desert, rainy and brisk and somber-until he arrived. I rushed to the door in surprise, when I realized the magnitude of his presence, I smiled and held him close. I rushed him to my room and tore off his outerwear. I stripped him down to his sturdy skins exploring every part of him. Excited and eager I didn't know where to begin. I almost didn't want to begin because a beginning comes with it an inevitable end. Our time together will be short, it has been suggested that I take it a day at a time, but I have already ingested more than I should, and I have no regrets. This love is all encompassing, it envelopes me-when I hold him the whole world falls silent. As his magic fills the soft tender space between my ears I will share with you the depth of his teachings. His touch is masterful and what he feeds me is historical, rhetorical, beautiful, scientific, musical, philosophical and theological. My lover, isn't he stellar?!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on.
~Stopford Brooke

This is one of those entries that will confuse some and enlighten others. It is a pivotal point in a paradoxical relationship that I have been passively participating in. We all engage fantasies, relationships and ideals that are untrue. For as comforting as they seem, they are perceptual anomalies that we hold onto to fill a void, appease a sense of longing and sometimes we even do it for the love and/or acceptance of others. As an astrologically challenged Cancerian I often have no idea what compels me to go from philosophically subtle sidewinder to holding my ideals in a formidable grip, but it happens and when it does-watch out.
Today was a pretty regular day although recently I've been feeling a heightened sense of universal attachment and sensitivity. I've been very creative and pensive but also pretty assertive and aggressive even. This afternoon I got to thinking about a matter that has been plaguing me for some time and took it apart in my mind. I mapped out several worst case scenarios for each possible outcome and it dawned on me that no matter how I go about this it's all going to end the same. So why not just take the most direct route? Yeah, why not? Well, because this has got to get ten times worse before it can even begin to get better, only not for me.
I'm the keeper of an uncomfortable secret that stands to benefit no one other than the person who initiated it. In fact, it is quite detrimental to all of the others involved only the longer I keep it a secret rather than it subsiding, like a cancer it continues to delve deeper and attach itself to others and spread. I find now that I've come to this mindset that all lies metastasize similar to cancer. Today, I cut the cancer out. I blew up spots. I dropped dime. I snitched. I let the cat out of the bag. I called someone out. I upheld the truth. In one fell swoop, I did it. And, did I ever try to reach someone, anyone that might convince me otherwise, but alas no one was available. Hardly a coincidence as the universe has been known to make a way for those who know where they are going. It has been done.
A lie set free is hardly a dove, this baby is gonna drop down like a jet with a failed engine. It will destroy images, reputations, expectations and dreams and what is doesn't destroy it will forever change, and I'm so much less afraid than I am elated. It was a laborious task, but much like child labor it will-for me anyway, bring forth a new beginning. In retrospect, how can you destroy something that never really existed, how could it have existed if the whole foundation from which it sprung was non-existent? The structure of a lie is only as complex as the person who started it and only as powerful as your belief in it and only as destructive as the invincibility of the shield protecting it. I will no longer be the shield and if this lie is saved from peril, at least I didn't contribute to its metastasizing this time. I'm so outta there. Waves, rolls eyes and logs off.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Okay, so I did it again today. I read the news and I watched Law & Order reruns. The Law & Order deal, not so bad, because it isn't completely mind-numbing...well, except for the person who discovers the victim/corpse part, but the news...I've gone mad. I'll start with what pissed me off and disturbed me deeply in today's news and then I'll go on to how Mr. Bruckheimer's writers had my knickers atwist.
So, today I click on a headline along the lines of Little girl will not get to see Hannah Montana because she lied. I think, ok-she probably did something awful and her mother is punishing her by selling the hot item tickets. "Oh, me of entirely too much faith"! (Well, today anyway) Apparently, the 6 years old wrote an essay about her father being killed in a roadside bombing in Iraq, only "what had happened was" it's not true! A total fabrication. If this is the first you're hearing of it I'll give you a moment to release the wrinkles from your brow and catch up with the rest of us. Okay, so moron, I mean mom proofreads and helps the child ace this essay-writing contest?! First, explain to me what went terribly awry in the gene pool that would lead a 6 years old girl to come up with such a macabre story about her own father no less to win Hannah Montana tickets? I admit The Best of Both Worlds is a catchy tune, but for the love of all things sacred-WTF? Then, you have to wonder-having been a bit of a morbid child myself, what parent reads this and thinks "Oh hell yeah, we're gonna win this thing" High five. Versus, "Honey get your hat and coat and let's go to the Mental Hygiene clinic? While covertly removing all die cast metal toys and sharp objects from the room. I just don't get it. I have to wonder if shit like this happens all of the time, but in my ever inundated albeit reclusive life I simply fail to notice. I often hear people saying, "the kids nowadays" and it just drives me outta my tree. These kids are not the spontaneous products of a damaged ozone layer. Behind every warped kid is an asshole parent! I am a parent, and I have two children who are as prone to acts of assholiness as the next person and that is why, unlike kittens (I'm totally feline fetishing these days) we do not set them off in the vast world after a mere 6 weeks or years. People, please phone a friend, get a clue, take a pill...do something. Get your kids together because I'm getting old and I'm deathly afraid of the your children nowadays!
I wish I had an ingenious segue for my Law & Order segment, but I don't. I'm kinda in a hurry to vent about it, so I don't have to think about it once my favorite guy arrives with my rice, barley and hops. Winks. One of today's episodes revolved around the nut-job homeschooling mother and her uber-awkward, weirdo kids. Yes, I am feeling defensive! Joe and I...well Joe is not crazy. Actually I'm not crazy either, not in the sense that homeschooling parents are portrayed. We do not homeschool our kids because they are unattractive or because they lack social skills, they are not challenged mentally or academically. I am neither unattractive, paranoid schizophrenic, suffering from low self-esteem or some other Dr. Philism. Many, yes many parents choose to homeschool their children because read my lips, "The educational system in many states in the US stinks a putrid funk of mediocrity". My children do not speak in some obscure tongue, but they do know that you cannot discover a place that is already being inhabited and they know how to tell time on an analog clock and- big one, sue me, shoot me, we do NOT pledge allegiance to any"thing".
During the segment everyone they encountered had this lengthy public service announcement-esque rant about physical education and friendships and learning how to deal with real life scenarios?! Over 25% (actually 16-33%) of American children are suffering from obesity, scratch that program funding. As we learn here to eat when we are hungry, no scoffing down a meal at 10:15 am with hopes that it will magically coat your gut until 1:00 pm-ish when you are actually hungry. Can you say "eating disorder in the makings"? And friendships, I have had friends since the onset of puberty between the ages of 15 and 50. I have gleaned a great deal more useful information from the latter. No, jumping up and down on your bed after sex will not prevent pregnancy. Clean (yeah right, 16 years old and clean) does not mean disease free! Oh and my favorite of all learning to deal with real life scenarios. This must be the fire drills, yes? Because, I have yet to ask anyone for a 'pass' to shit.
I'm not saying that all homeschooling parents and children are as cool as we are winks, but come on Jerry Bruckheimer, I expect a one-sided portrayal like that from, like... Jerry Springer-not you. You usually make me think for crying out loud. So yes, I'm a little sensitive about the issue of homeschooling, I had to find something to do after I stopped nursing my 3.5 years old! Well, I think the beer is almost here. Have a happy Friday.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Peppermint tea and a Tylenol, that's about the size of it. I'm beat, and I guess I'm a little annoyed because the creative juices are all aflow, but I had to spend about an hour of my right brained time packaging orders. I'm ever grateful that my business continues to reap success, I just wish I had more time to invest in designing or shopping for NEW! design ideas and supplies.

I have a new shop banner and business card design in the works. I'm staying close to the current Samarkan ethnic batik-like design, but upgrading some as my price points are beginning to expand. I'll still be green and minimalist, but business cards are a necessary evil for wholesale accounts and consignment. (Just remembered needs to contact a shop owner in Chicago) It just never ends!

I finally loaded some pictures to my Flickr account. Bear with me while I organize them and all of that other schmancy shit, it was enough of an undertaking just getting my photos loaded. Which was prompted by my EasyShare flaking on me. I'll probably upgrade to a paid account so we can store all of our photos and allow friends and family access. I don't know how I got along all these years without my digital camera!

One of the Etsy community members set up a "7 Things to Do Today" post that I really like, I just don't know if 7 things is a stretch for me. Well, we'll see as that will be the focus of all of my blogging next week. 7 Posts on the 7 things I've Done Each Day. I'm ahead of the game, kinda-since blogging each day will be one of the 7...I also have to teach 5 of the days, so that's 2 down...rubs temples. Okay, so this is going to be a bitch! At least I can lollipop around until Sunday. Get ready.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm busy working on new creations this evening but I couldn't resist this PSA. To all of you carnivores. Just another reason to go vegetarian:

Man Stabbed With Pork Chop Bone During Food Fight

Police believe 38-year-old Tony Willis stabbed another man in the neck with a pork chop bone during a scuffle. ARDMORE, Okla. (AP) -- A food fight led to the arrest of an Ardmore man after police say he stabbed another man in the neck with a pork chop bone.Police received a call of a fight outside a local business and arrived to find the victim covered in blood with a puncture wound to his neck.

A few blocks away, police arrested 38-year-old Tony Willis. Police say Willis had blood on his clothing and a search revealed a pork chop bone they say was used in the attack.Police did not release the name of the victim, who was treated at a local hospital and released.
Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

This is also a good reason not to watch/read the news-when it comes to the moral decline of humanity-I have to agree ignorance is bliss. Now, I shall bid you adieu while I work on the world becoming a more fashionable place. When all else fails, be Pretty in Peace. Winks. (Honey, I did it without your help)

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