Monday, January 7, 2008

These are two of my latest Pretty in Peace designs. The Flo earrings and Love Stung necklace are part of my LOVE collection. These 2 pieces really signify my growth as a jewelry designer. They are rugged by my use of oxidized metals, earthy in their representation of nature's beauty and they are feminine. Each piece with it's muted tones really adds that air of romanticism. It gives me a special feeling of satisfaction and pleasure when my hands and my mind's eye connect flawlessly.

The ability to take an idea and make it a tangible piece of beauty is substantially gratifying and a piece of the puzzle I'd been silently seeking for some time.

Find your piece and find your peace.
These original designs are available for purchase in very limited quantities each piece is individually handmade to order by me.
Thank you.

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