Sunday, January 27, 2008

ACEOs! Part One

Huh? Looks about quizzically.
That's exactly what I thought last year, perusing the Etsy fora and reading post upon post about the elusive art form. I'm thinking, "Am I out of the loop?" I was concerned that my move from NYC to AZ had stripped me of my progressive avante garde status in the world of Arts and Entertainment. Once you're out, I hear they won't let you back in! Smiles.

Well, ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They are collectible works of art, the only rule is that they measure 2.5" by 3.5". That's it! Any artistic medium you can conjure to meet the aforementioned stats and, you my dear have created an ACEO. And you don't have to tell me twice, I'm all over it, just you wait and see.
I have recently needed to find outlets for my mental salmagundi (now, that is a great word)- something lighter than writing musings and real life. My Pretty in Peace jewelry line is doing quite well, but as mentioned previously, creative minds need the occasional purging. So, that being said, I have taken to creating and collecting ACEOs, although not quite in that order. The creation process for me has gone as far as collecting ephemera. Collage will be my premier medium and I've also managed to pick up some fantastic pencils and paints, baby steps.

While I continue to toss ideas around in my mind's eye, I have started to build quite an interesting assortment of works that I'd like to share. ACEOs have become a special treat that I give myself every time I meet a personal or professional goal. Please drop in throughout the next couple weeks (or months depending on what tangent interrupts this project) and have a look at these beautiful works. The talented artists behind each piece can be found on Etsy.

This piece titled Starving Artist by Lissalush is my cherry bustin', premier, welcome to the madness, very first ACEO damn it! I purchased this piece as a gift for myself during the Christmas season. It was my treat for completing my Christmas shopping with money earned as a starving artist. It is pretty damn great isn't it?!

Do comment please, Melissa is out there lurking and would like to read all of your unabashed praise. Go on, don't be shy.

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