Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's 10:51 and I'm inhaling donuts-not good. But I'm not totally lame since my NEW! MP4 thingie that favorite guy bought me for the favorite day (X.Mas) is charging up, ready to go with all of my awesome Yoga mixes. It is time to hit the mat hard and heavy, my core is mushy and my mind is cloudy.
The key to yoga... as if you asked right? Well, the key is to begin before you are actually awake awake. You know like before you can think of all of the other things you'd rather do or eat than yoga. This is the way, seriously. And if you're stale drunk from the night before even better, you're not fully there until Corpse pose and Namaste. Laughs
I've been spending time with Lover, last night was the marvel of cloning. Did you know that cloned cells are biologically "born" aged. They begin their lives at the point of cloning. So if I were cloned right now, I'd have a gorgeous, newborn with arthritic thumbs, grey hair, no patience, an affinity for refined sugar, too much cellulite and a life expectancy of oh say about 50 years. If you're into that sort of thing, I guess it's OK-but I just don't see cloning as a successful alternative to population preservation. It would be pretty funny though! Winks.

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