Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ACEOs: My Sophomore Purchase

Every Freakin' Day Of My Life-A Screenplay

Cast of characters:

Tameka-The mad matriarch. She rules with a pen in one hand and a caffeinated beverage in the other. There is no craft project she cannot conquer, all the while homeschooling, building character, engaging in impromptu therapy sessions for friends and siblings, watching Law & Order reruns, snuggling kittens, blogging, chatting on Etsy yet still managing a tasteless joke and bit of crude wit every now and again. Unbelievable! It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it...and since she's a perfectionist and anyone else would simply botch it-she's the woman!

Joseph-The pessimistic patriarch. He laments about the budget, the bills, the boy, the girl, the pets...have I missed anything? He's the resident musician, DJ, remixer, producer, indie label owner and eccentric entrepreneur. When not lamenting he is lightheartedly retelling the comedic version of his last outburst. He's creative and sensitive, hardworking and loyal. He's the man.

Jordan Mark-Takes deep breath. The pubescent son. Jordan...Exhales. Is the friend that everyone wants to hang out with. Nothing is important in Pubertyville where the inhabitants are all invincible, affluent anarchists, fighting for the right to keep the oppressive parents from gaining power and getting rest, he is KING. Resident rapper and survivalist, he leads the faithful followers from the discomforts of his suburban home where the bills are paid and the perks are plentiful. Whispers. Between you and I, I think my Jordan has a contract with a pharmaceuticals company specializing in psychotropic medications. Shhh.

Yael Rose-Yael is the exalted 8 year old ruler of our universe. When she is unhappy, a cry is heard throughout all nations, under any and every imaginable God, in excess of 40 minutes. Or, until "The Man" emerges from his cave, in his super-powered tee and boxers to declare peace or punishment in the land. Oh and did I mention when she is not crying she is simply proselytizing on the gospel of Disney Channel? Well, that too.

There you have it folks, I sit here- beer in hand amongst the masses, amidst the insanity that I call, "Family". This whimsical ACEO by fellow Arizona artist, Gwynne Collins pretty much sums it up; we are bright, bold, funky, four-we are family! Ugh I hate that song. Enjoy more of Gwynne's astounding works on Etsy.com in her shop, aptly named Pen Gwynne Art. Please drop a comment and let Gwynne know she's all about it!


Bright Circle said...

Wow. Sounds like my family. Except completely different, but you know what I mean. Kudos on the homeschooling; my mom homeschools all of us kids too!

Bright Circle said...

Actually, two of us have graduated.

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