Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunshine, Beauty, & Tea (That's me.)

Thanks so much Darcel of The Mahogany Way and Pam of PussDaddy Blogs for nominating me for not only one, but two super cool blog awards. Generally, I forgo the somewhat daunting process of recalling, searching and linking other blogs, but today I'm going to comply because...I don't know why, I'm just feeling compliant today. Yeah, compliant...or, perhaps I'm putting off the kitchen project. Peers through the wild unkempt hair framing my face and over at drop cloth and piles of stained chair pieces.

Okay, on to more stuff about me. I gotta tell you, every time I get one of these blog awards, I feel a bit of pressure and an overwhelming sense of responsibility to be more interesting, alas it's just me. You guys are cool with that though, yes?

My mind never shuts up or off. You know all of the italics you see in my posts? They're signature "Tamekaisms." Like right now I'm writing this post whilst...Singing "Lucky" in my head and wondering when I'll get to use the word, "pabulum" in a post. The word and its meaning excites me. It immediately reminded me of the stories my great-aunts told about feeding their children Pablum. I'm going to call my grandmother and tell her I found a new word, she likes words too. See, it just goes on and on! I actually called her mid-post but she was with her nurse.

Had I not married and become a parent so young, I would have liked to spend some time as a travelling bard; hitchhiking of course, with intact body hair, a harmonica and a the requisite hint of body odor. I'm fascinated with life on the fringes of this homogeneous suburban lifestyle. Who knows I might still try it some day, the nest is almost empty!

I like hands. Not like the ones I recently wrote about, but baby hands, pianist hands, sculptor hands-hands in their natural splendor. Did I mention that I do not polish my fingernails, like ever?

I spend quite a bit of time worrying/reflecting on what scientific advancement has done/is doing to nature. Joseph...don't know why I just called him that- and I spend many hours in bed theorizing about the impact on natural selection and the like.

I often cook in large quantity, and eat the same meal for days on end until it's done or inedible. I enjoy food, but it's a creative process for me as well, so I try to only cook when I feel inspired to do so.

I'm a terrible ice skater. See that, I was just reflecting on last night's Olympics' coverage.

I'd rather write than speak, and often will ignore/avoid phone calls and send e-mails instead. Yeah, that pisses some people off.

Okay so after writing this, I don't really feel like complying any more. Why don't we do this, for each person who comments, would you recommend one or two blogs you follow, and then I'll visit and run a post on those blogs. Deal? Please. Bats eyelashes.

Peace and procrastination...yeah, I do a lot of that too

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is It Thursday, Already?

No worries, I'm never at a loss for random banter...well, not really. I don't have very much human interaction so my randomness is mostly cerebral, well...except for Thursdays, when I share with you.

Okay, so I have to talk about Idol or I'll split the seams of my new clothes (hold that thought, I'm gettin' there)! Alex Lambert...always tempted to say Adam there, is awesome and awkward, but that makes him even more endearing. We creative types aren't exactly best known for being cool. Andrew Garcia, is going to be in the Top 10 or I will... Come on Steph join in, ready..."Never watch Idol again." I say this every season, and I still watch! And, Casey James is set, even if he doesn't make it, he can sue Kara DioGuardi for sexual harassment. Seriously, I wanna paw at the man too, but I'm not employed by the damn show that he is looking to launch his career. Um, hello American Idol Human with me here. And speaking of Human Resources-Todrick Hall, Tim Urban, I hope you guys have good references...Oh hey and I must ask those of you who are unhealthily obsessed with details, wasn't Michael Lynche from Astoria, NY until...oh, uh yesterday?! I knew I didn't like him!

On to my new clothes: Squeals! I have donated, tossed and otherwise rid myself of most of my Drab Collection and am now 4 dresses, and 2 skirts up on my Fab Collection. Each piece has been under $20-which is no small feat when you're 36 years old; hiding shit gets pricey...believe you me! Aside of feeling so much better about getting up, out and dressed, I'm looking pretty damn hot! Did you hear that Casey James?! I'll post pics as soon as I'm done with the kitchen redo.

Lastly, I'm in the throes of a "DIY aye, aye, aye!". The kitchen chairs have been sanded, stained and 1 out of 4 has been lacquered and assembled. It really isn't hard work, but you guys know the deal with me already, I'm all about the planning, the doing not so much!

Peace and randomosity

Ohh Ohhh! Season 9

Is that how the theme song goes? Onomatopoeia is not my strong suit so, if I mussed that up, be forewarned, this is a post about American Idol. I missed the above photo shoot, but I am a judge. No, really I am, I've put more American Idols through than US presidents. I'm all over it!

Last night, the girls...sigh, perhaps it was nerves, but none of them really blew me away. Here's the skinny, because there are just too many of 'em still for all the blood and guts of it:
Katelyn Epperly
Siobhan (same first name as my little sis) Magnus
Crystal Bowersox

Lacey Brown
Michelle Delamor
Ashley Rodriguez

The rest of 'em!

America will likely send Paige Miles and Lacey Brown home because: Paige Miles is, to quote all-knowing Simon Cowell, "Forgettable." She's got a great voice, but she lacks stage presence and her song selection was weird for this type of competition. Lacey Brown, on the other hand, is just tone deaf, or at the very least she was last night. I was leaning in towards the TV and wincing, it was an off night for her, for sure.

Now tonight the guys face off...My inner "Miss Cleo" says Todrick Hall had better sing his whole damn face off or he's going down on bad press alone!

Peace and reality TV

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Hands

This morning the phone rang, I didn't recognize the number but something- the something that silently roars amidst conjoined hearts made me answer. "Hello", she said exhausted, and I knew it was bad news. I cupped my glass took a deep cleansing breath and lowered my lids for the blow. "He beat me up, again." In the moment, as my chest deflated, I was shamefully relieved; the lesser of two evils, I suppose. How bad could it be if she was able to call, I thought. Later, as my day went on I thought more deeply about the bruises we can't see, the ones which garner no sympathies, the ones that keep us awake at night into the day, and the scars they leave behind which never...never go away. Bruises that cross generations, miles and coasts and rest deeply in the gut's chasm.

I looked at my Yael Rose and flashes of the strong yet gentle hands that sweep hair from her eyes, light candles on birthday cakes, hands that tentatively, albeit tenaciously held the back of her bicycle on her very first ride; loving hands. I envision her enveloped by this membrane of peace and love, respect and fearlessness. I thought of art and music, paintings flashed through my mind's eye to the sound of violins singing. I thought of beautiful sculptures and historic monuments, I thought of all the wondrous creations of hands powered by love and couldn't factor in a single reason why anyone would willfully use these precious limbs for destruction. And, I thought some more, and I wondered, and I worried all day for both of them.

Peace and love

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Thing About Home Is...

Bag o' tricks from yesterday's Ikea outing

It will start to heat up here in the desert over the next couple of months, which means it's time to spruce up the house lest I go mad. I'm not much of an outdoorswoman, but I'm "twelve", so the mere knowledge that I shouldn't be out in blistering temperatures assures that I will most certainly want to. I'm trying to stave off the angst by making my space amenable to the restless, eccentric in me, of course that means paint, and stuff.

Over the years we've, well, I've (much to the Favorite Guy's chagrin) gone through quite a style transformation with regards to our home. The children aren't jam and juice box-trafficking hellions anymore and I've long desired to have a home which more closely resembles me... Joe? Oh, yeah, he likes me, so it works out well.

Yesterday we hit up Ikea for textiles and other fun to look at but a bitch to assemble sundries, and today it's off to Bevmo! and the backyard I go. (The Favorite Guy is more of an investor than a contractor) Yep...Wishes I had overalls and straw to chew as I say this: so, that's where I'll be, in the yard with power tools, wood stain, paint, beer, and my 5ivePod. Pics and expletives forthcoming.

Peace and yet another feckin' project

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Happenings Thursday: Whoa!

I won!

I found the happiest little place during the course of my usual blog-hopping adventures. It's called Camp SmartyPants, and wouldn't you know she (Rachel) was having a ZINE giveaway!

I won this month's issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly

Rachel Beyer shop/blog owner of Camp SmartyPants is interviewed and even shares one of her favorite famous cookie recipes! Cool, huh?

In other Honey House happenings, ALL of my favorite Idol picks have made the top 24, I'll have my top 10 finalist picks posted in the sidebar before it airs again on Tuesday.

In Olympic news, I still love Lindsey Jacobellis, and Brian Joubert's musicality had the potential for awesomeness if only he could've stayed upright. Bravo to him for choosing Electronica versus the usual Humdrumica!

In more slightly unrelated 2010 Olympic news I have started running again, my goal is to have an ass like any one of the men's figure skating champions. Seriously, have you seen Evan Lysacek's cakes?!

And with that, I don my "5ivePod" and bid you fine folks adieu...

Peace and randomosity

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Day in the Life

I took a photo of a storm drain and had it framed for my love. I wrote a letter telling him how proud I was to weather many storms with him. There have been many, and we have been dangerously close to drowning at least once.

He bought me flowers that reminded him of our wedding flowers, and a card. On the card there was an illustration of two lovers holding hands beneath an umbrella. The opening line read, It's so nice to know we're in this thing together...come rain or shine... "Hey", I said, "You were thinking about the storms too?" "Yep", he replied.

I fondly remember new, sweet and perfect love...but I will forever rejoice in this weathered and perfectly imperfect love-filled life.

Now, let's eat!

Peace and love

Happy Valentine's Day

"Love Weathers All Storms"- T.Allen-Mercado 2010

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”
-Willa Sibert Cather

Peace and unconditional love

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

by Roxy

Moccasins? Mocassins? Moccassins?! Meh, cute shoes, yes?!

by Keds
Yes Keds, can you believe it?!

Great shoe designers are the Universe's way of repaying womankind for the appearance of feet. The A-line skirt is another gift of the sort. Winks and caresses ample thighs.

Peace and retail therapy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Someone Please Call 911

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Love Story-My first "Look"

You know how a couple weeks ago I was lamenting over my fall from fashion's graces? Well, since the suburban roads of Goodyear aren't quite the style mecca that are the streets of NYC, I had to find an alternate means for inspiration, and boy am I obsessed. Eep! Covers mouth. Did I just say ob-?! Damn you Siggy, I meant inspired.

I tried watching What Not to Watch, ahem...okay, What Not to Wear, but it made me self-conscious of my need for the signature piece of "quirk" that has always defined me. And since I'm not on the receiving end of their producers' $5,000 there is no need for me end up in a dither over those two chicks. Winks.

The other super cool part is, I can upload my own jewelry pieces and incorporate them amongst the styles of top designers as I have done above. Oh I am so psyched. If you decide to join the site, look me up. My stylebook is called "Tea n' Honey".

Peace and fashion

Winner, Winner, Tempeh Dinner!

Thanks, all of you for participating in the celebration of my blogging milestones. When I think of how many blogs there are out here in the blogosphere, it boggles the mind that y'all continually make time for me. I'm so grateful, thank you again.

The following lovely blog readers won $25 gift vouchers from my jewelry shop Pretty in Peace on Etsy:

The following fabulous blog readers will receive 25% off an entire purchase from Pretty in Peace on Etsy:

Peace and congratulations

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Begin Again

Tiny sprigs emerging from an old, but virile Mesquite

I'm not a fan of beginnings or endings which inevitably result in... well, another beginning. Air traces infinity sign.

My first pen stroke begins as apprehensively as it is awkward; tracing my thoughts just millimeters above the page until finally touching. My pen, as awkward and apprehensive as I am; the ink dries from lengthy wafting, passions dull from once novel thoughts. Yet, once it's revealed, even in infancy, there is promise...

Peace and promise

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Art Imitates Life

Left: Local flora, Goodyear AZ
Top to bottom: Inspired by local flora-Thistle choker, Edwige dangles, Birth of Venus drops

In spite of my devotion to Sir Oscar Wilde, I'll beg to differ with him here. The past six years have been instrumental for me as a person: like a runner catching stride, a dancer finding the groove a singer hitting just the right note. I have found my muse.

When I look around me, my surroundings speak to me in a comforting voice, and a language I understand. Of course there are times I disagree; koyaanisqatsi-but, I recover and quickly return home to my muse, Arizona.

Peace and purpose

Friday, February 5, 2010



Yesterday whilst standing at the kitchen sink, I spotted these beauties through the screen covered window. The skies were clear and the breeze light and inviting. They were frolicking about so freely that I thought, "Hey, I should do that". So I put the dishtowel down, put my walking shoes on, summoned Yael Rose and off we went. Three miles, a pair of cute vegan moccasins, two gorgeous throw pillows and a venti-1/2-sweet-iced-green-tea later, I realized why birds don't carry cash, or collapsible bags on wheels.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Stuff Thursday

My NEW! decorative pitcher.

What a lovely pitcher, yes? I treated myself for pecking my 500th post. It was $5.00, that's kismet! Since starting this blog, I have amassed quite the collection of bee and honey themed items.They're tucked away in little display groupings throughout our family room. I need to gather them all for photographs one day.

I started teaching a friend's child to decode last week; introducing him to the world of phonemes and graphemes. I have to say it's been rather comical. Between my still quite heavy New Yawk accent and his missing teeth, we've been making up all kinds of interesting sounds! He is coming along quite nicely however, and that's a pretty overwhelming feeling for me. I'm privileged to open this whole new world up for him so he can read my blog someday. Winks

This next little tidbit is not for anyone who is under the age of 18 with a sense of humor over the age of 12. Follow? Waits for shrewds and prudes to exit...

Clears throat and whispers. So, y'know how I reference my frequent use of dirty words from time to time? Well, last night in the shower, whilst recalling my day, I burst into a most unladylike laughter. See, I was on the phone with a friend earlier, doing our usual yammering and she mentioned a particular female problem she's been having, but hinted that it might be TMI. I retorted without thought or hesitation, "No worries, after all of the troubles I've had before my hysterectomy, I'm the Twat Whisperer..." What the?! I haven't heard that word used since grammar school recess! And you know what, it still makes me chuckle. Yes, she laughed too, I just wish I could have seen her face.

Peace and randomosity

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A "Thank You" Gift

Last week, I reached my 200th follower shortly after pecking my 500th post. Not a few hours later I received a lovely, lovely e-mail from a woman whom I'd met on another venue, as a result of my writing. She wrote to tell me she, "owed her marriage", to me. She had been so moved by the stories I shared about my own marital trials that she followed my advice; me, a lone stranger. What's better is, she sought me out to thank me 2.5 years later.

I knew somehow the memory of those dark times which reside in the space between my ears would be light to someone, but I never knew it would be here, on the interwebs, or that it would be quite like this. I'm overjoyed, and so grateful that it wasn't for naught. Beams. My broken heart helped build someone/something beautiful, that's awesome. Now if I could do something so wondrous with my unfinished projects. Laughs.

So, fast forward and the cogs start spinning. I was all set to throw a blog party celebrating my 200th follower and 500th post, the touching e-mail, and my general blogospheric existence. Silent Yay. However, after some research I found it involved far more interaction than I can handle and still remain a gracious, sparkly hostess, and I came up with an alternative plan. Rubs hands together craftily.

I am giving away the following: 2 $25 Pretty in Peace gift vouchers,
and 3 25% off coupons valid on ANY item/combination of items (s) from my shop.
Discounts do NOT apply to shipping costs

Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment on this post telling me why you like it here. (1 Entry)
Tweet this giveaway on Twitter and comment here (1 Entry)
Invite a friend to join you in following this blog and comment here (2 Entries for you and 1 for our NEW! friend)
Blog about my awesomeness, mention this giveaway and of course comment here (3 entries for you)

Cross your "t's" and Dot your "i's" (No little circles, they makes my temples throb)
Leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry. I.e., Tweeted by (@Name), Invited http://Superblogger[at], Blogged at http://Superduperblogger[at]

Got it? I sure do hope so. Giveaway ends Sunday February 7th at midnight EST

I'll announce the winners on Wednesday February 10th

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