Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is It Thursday, Already?

No worries, I'm never at a loss for random banter...well, not really. I don't have very much human interaction so my randomness is mostly cerebral, well...except for Thursdays, when I share with you.

Okay, so I have to talk about Idol or I'll split the seams of my new clothes (hold that thought, I'm gettin' there)! Alex Lambert...always tempted to say Adam there, is awesome and awkward, but that makes him even more endearing. We creative types aren't exactly best known for being cool. Andrew Garcia, is going to be in the Top 10 or I will... Come on Steph join in, ready..."Never watch Idol again." I say this every season, and I still watch! And, Casey James is set, even if he doesn't make it, he can sue Kara DioGuardi for sexual harassment. Seriously, I wanna paw at the man too, but I'm not employed by the damn show that he is looking to launch his career. Um, hello American Idol Human with me here. And speaking of Human Resources-Todrick Hall, Tim Urban, I hope you guys have good references...Oh hey and I must ask those of you who are unhealthily obsessed with details, wasn't Michael Lynche from Astoria, NY until...oh, uh yesterday?! I knew I didn't like him!

On to my new clothes: Squeals! I have donated, tossed and otherwise rid myself of most of my Drab Collection and am now 4 dresses, and 2 skirts up on my Fab Collection. Each piece has been under $20-which is no small feat when you're 36 years old; hiding shit gets pricey...believe you me! Aside of feeling so much better about getting up, out and dressed, I'm looking pretty damn hot! Did you hear that Casey James?! I'll post pics as soon as I'm done with the kitchen redo.

Lastly, I'm in the throes of a "DIY aye, aye, aye!". The kitchen chairs have been sanded, stained and 1 out of 4 has been lacquered and assembled. It really isn't hard work, but you guys know the deal with me already, I'm all about the planning, the doing not so much!

Peace and randomosity


Yvonne said...

Are those moccasins? Girl, now I know I love you. Can't wait to see the new wardrobe. Please give tips because I have yet to comfortable clothes under $40. Help a sista out!!

Also looking forward to the DIY. I need some inspiro to get my crafty goodness on.

Jennifer said...

This was some fun randomosity! Can't wait to see your are not kiddng "hiding shit at 36 gets pricey", lol! I'm 35 in a matter of weeks and I agree 100%

Ms. Bar B: said...

You're on a roll over there! Can't wait to see pictures. Love those shoes! And guess what? I'll be watching Idol tonight for like the first time, lol. Thanks for telling me what to look out for =).

sara said...

I want to see your DIY chairs. I redid mine and love that kind of dirty work. My house is filled with garage sale refurbished furniture. When you are on a budget, there is just no other way to go.

The boys, tsk! tsk! (American Idol).

Let's meet again next week! This is fun! :o)

High Desert Diva said...


Shannon said...

I've been working on a new wardrobe one outfit at a time... except I keep buying new jeans! I really need to buy some new skirts and dresses, but I guess I like to stick to what's comfy for me!

Nicole said...

omg...moccasins! I had a pair in almost every color back in the day! I had to be about eleven or twelve years old. I've always loved them. I've been looking for a new wardrobe myself. Since having my daughter [who's two] I have this big booty! I have never had a big butt! Women in my family don't have them [They have boobs]

I live in the color Black. I'm trying to be opne minded and wear clothes with color. I bought some brown shirts..that's about as colorful as I will get! lol

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