Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunshine, Beauty, & Tea (That's me.)

Thanks so much Darcel of The Mahogany Way and Pam of PussDaddy Blogs for nominating me for not only one, but two super cool blog awards. Generally, I forgo the somewhat daunting process of recalling, searching and linking other blogs, but today I'm going to comply because...I don't know why, I'm just feeling compliant today. Yeah, compliant...or, perhaps I'm putting off the kitchen project. Peers through the wild unkempt hair framing my face and over at drop cloth and piles of stained chair pieces.

Okay, on to more stuff about me. I gotta tell you, every time I get one of these blog awards, I feel a bit of pressure and an overwhelming sense of responsibility to be more interesting, alas it's just me. You guys are cool with that though, yes?

My mind never shuts up or off. You know all of the italics you see in my posts? They're signature "Tamekaisms." Like right now I'm writing this post whilst...Singing "Lucky" in my head and wondering when I'll get to use the word, "pabulum" in a post. The word and its meaning excites me. It immediately reminded me of the stories my great-aunts told about feeding their children Pablum. I'm going to call my grandmother and tell her I found a new word, she likes words too. See, it just goes on and on! I actually called her mid-post but she was with her nurse.

Had I not married and become a parent so young, I would have liked to spend some time as a travelling bard; hitchhiking of course, with intact body hair, a harmonica and a the requisite hint of body odor. I'm fascinated with life on the fringes of this homogeneous suburban lifestyle. Who knows I might still try it some day, the nest is almost empty!

I like hands. Not like the ones I recently wrote about, but baby hands, pianist hands, sculptor hands-hands in their natural splendor. Did I mention that I do not polish my fingernails, like ever?

I spend quite a bit of time worrying/reflecting on what scientific advancement has done/is doing to nature. Joseph...don't know why I just called him that- and I spend many hours in bed theorizing about the impact on natural selection and the like.

I often cook in large quantity, and eat the same meal for days on end until it's done or inedible. I enjoy food, but it's a creative process for me as well, so I try to only cook when I feel inspired to do so.

I'm a terrible ice skater. See that, I was just reflecting on last night's Olympics' coverage.

I'd rather write than speak, and often will ignore/avoid phone calls and send e-mails instead. Yeah, that pisses some people off.

Okay so after writing this, I don't really feel like complying any more. Why don't we do this, for each person who comments, would you recommend one or two blogs you follow, and then I'll visit and run a post on those blogs. Deal? Please. Bats eyelashes.

Peace and procrastination...yeah, I do a lot of that too


Mary said...

haha--i think i just love you. this may be my favorite post of yours ever ;-)

i admit to being one of your blog lurkers...i read it all the time and rarely comment...

so much in this post rings true for me...the hitchhiking bard (though i would have been a painter hitchhiking), the wondering about nature and natural selection...the no nail polish...the wandering off and on...talking to your grandmother (though mine is long gone she was my wonderful, favorite relative...)

thanks for the smile and i especially love that you used the word pabulum in a sentence and everything.

Ms. Bar B: said...

India Arie's song Video was playing in my head while reading this. It carried over from my time in the car earlier today. I'm so "that person"... "sometimes I shave my legs and some times I don't/sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I wont". Uh huh. I'd probably be one of the folks to pick you up on the side of the road.

Congrats on your awards!

Cool blogs? Hmmm, well... I think you read them already, lol.

mairedodd said...

very funny ~ i prefer writing to speaking as well... though i would never use texting to relay important-ish info...
you just have such a wonderful energy and it is always great when you share what you are comfortable with... (love jason m. and dave matthews - i often have 'funny the way it is' in my head)

Libby Buttons said...

Hello Sheba Broadway ! Loooong time no visit. I have been in a depressive episode with regularly scheduled repeats. Congratulations on your awards! You deserve them both. Now I'm off to catch up on all I have missed.
smiLes, hugs n' loves
aka LiBBy BuTTons
I cook/eat just like you. Make in masses, eat for days.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards! My most frequented blogs would be yours and I have a list on my blog if you wanna grab a couple from there!

I too would rather write than talk, but I do love a good conversation every once in a while. I really love a good long stretch of silence too...I need to look up pabulum. I love new words or reconnecting with old ones I hadn't used in a while :)

Dina said...

I'm smiling fondly at the memory of mamas and aunties and the like, regarding your new word "pablum". There are women in my world who continue to use this reference and I crack up every time.

fly tie said...

while i do understand, can appreciate, and respect your usual decision to be noncompliant when it comes to following the rules that come along with blog awards, i always enjoy reading when you do! it's always engaging.

while i don't technically follow any blogs--i think i've talked about it before...makes me anxious. etc; yeah, i'm kinda off-a couple besides yours that i read regularly are

soul pretty:

and newness

High Desert Diva said...

Oh how I loved all the tangents in this post.

剩沒底天 said...
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shibori girl said...

I loved reading this post, (tho I enjoy reading most of your posts, truth be told). You are so good about laying it all out there... you hold little back. I love that.

Cool blogs: My newest discoveries are:
Turn Left At The Pigs

Around The Island

They have some lovely posts. Enjoy! :)


Mary said...

You covered a lot of bases here :-). I loved it. I'll have to visit more often. Have a great day.

sara said...

You crack me up. It is nice to know that I am not alone!! Of course you get these blog awards. You are entertaining. Love your Tamicaisms! (did I spell it right?) Two of my fave blogs would be, well was, The Rest of Yesterday and yours. But, because you are aware of these, two other faves are for her photography and heartfelt posts.

What's your lowdown on tonight's American Idol?

and for her mommisms

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