Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oy Vey, American Idol

Picture taken for Fox by Patrick Ecclestein, stolen by me for this unpaid blog.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a brisk walking, almost running contradiction. Truly, I'm a sorta frilly feminist sans body hair who longs to have the ass of a well built, figure skating man. Are you a believer yet? Well, my relationship with American Idol is much the same.

For starts, as an artist and overall creative carbon-based being, there is nothing I hate more than competing. Except of course when I know I'm unequivocally better than everyone else. Art competition is an oxymoron in my opinion; based on the sheer subjectivity of art and the clear objectivity of competition. Which brings me to this season's, and probably subsequent seasons when I wasn't paying attention or had better fodder to blog about- American Idol. Somewhere between David Cook's Billie Jean and Kris Allen's Heartless, artists thought, "Oh hey this show isn't just for cookie-cutter, bubble gum, pop star, wanna be's- maybe I'll audition"...and, this my dear friends is where it all went to shit.

American Idol's sole purpose is to promote and propagate the cookie-cutter, bubble gum, pop star wanna be's-and, I watch and vote for them every damn season. Le sigh. Tonight's lowdown:

I loved:

Alex Lambert-Everybody Knows
Casey James-I Don't Wanna be
Lee Dewyze-Lips of an Angel

I hated:

Michael Lynche-A Man's World
Todrick Hall-What's Love Gotta Do With It
Aaron Kelly-My Girl

I voted for:

Andrew Garcia-You Give Me Somethin'
Alex Lambert-Everybody Knows
Jermaine Sellers-What's Going On
John Park-Gravity

Huh?! Yes, I threw in some misunderstood underdog votes 4 each, I think...okay maybe 6 for someone and 2 for another-it all got pretty confusing after a while. This kind of foolery is for youngsters and politicians. I believe in my bleeding, conflicted, artistic heart that these people are thoroughly confused and misunderstood by the judges yammering. They're artists damn it! They just want to make art. They see a song on a list and think, "Oh hey, I like that song. That's a happy, sappy, deep, blah blah song. I know the words. I'll sing that song. Yeah! That's the song!" They're not thinking about demographics and stuff, and on that merit alone they got my vote! Their voices were sound, as far as week two singing goes. I don't tune in for posture and other politics-okay, I lied...I totally have a political theory about Idol, but y'know-that's for another time.

Who's outta there? I'm worried about Andrew Garcia and John Park, but I'll never watch again if...Ooh, there I go again, let me stop lying. Your slightly less conflicting thoughts?

Peace, cookies and bubble gum!


Anji Gallanos said...

OK admittedly I can't keep their names straight yet..and up until this season I was attempting to watch in secret. But I am out now...I loved the nervous boy at the end and the other blondish nervous boy. Wondered what happened last night to my favorite girl Crystal Bowersox.

Anonymous said...

oh, you're killin' me!!! Hee! Hee! I am predicting that Mr Andrew will be staying on the show - in reality, he is just too good to leave at this point. They were right in saying that what he did with Paula Abdul's song was absolutely phenomenal and that it will be hard to top that one. He should of saved that one for last!! Now, for the ladies ...

Kathy said...

I am not oooing or awwwwing over the guys this year. I like a couple of them, but there is no one that makes me say Holy shit he is awesome. There are a few girls I like. there are a lot of them that could go and I wouldn't really care.

We will see what tomorrow brings!

A Cuban In London said...

For a moment I thought my wife had just started a blog. :-)

I don't watch the UK version. But like you I am also a contradiction. I found myself watching, cheering on and even voting for the contestants in the recently-broadcast UK version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Great post. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

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