Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

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...reading, wording, writing, thinking, working, rewording, rewriting, rethinking, reworking, re-reading, sighing, rewording, rewriting, rethinking, reworking, rereading, rubbing temples, rewording, rewriting, rethinking, reworking, rereading, cussing, infinitum.

Since I was about eight, I envisioned the inner-mechanics of my mind as being fueled by a little mouse. (I think this came from a Pavlovian response experiment I saw on NOVA or 3-2-1 Contact as a child) Well, the mouse is older and growing increasingly more uncooperative at this point. At times I think I hear him sighing and stomping and cussing up there, as I order him about in unspecific and seemingly futile direction mayhaps, he will just pack up and exit through my ear someday.

Do you ever wonder how messages get around in your head? I'd love to hear your theories.

Peace and frustrated little messenger mice


hint said...

mine is a friendly and persistent bee, but maybe I'll vote that she transforms into this cutie pie of a mouse :)

when will they stop...

Kathy said...

I am working extremely hard to keep the little messages (and voices) OUT of my head.

Mary said...

I love this question. I think of a chorus, some days, that includes a lot of those who have become my angels and also mini-me. I talk to myself a lot in my own head so most of the time the voice I hear is my own. I just take on different shapes and personas ;-)

Sherry said...

the mouse is brain works when I talk out loud. during the day I'm in my studio alone, so I can ask and answer my questions right out loud. somehow the process works better that way.


ps our sons have succumed to the crack cocaine of food!

Jennifer said...

Oh, a little mouse would be lovely, and even the thought of him sighing and cussing is sort of adorable. I'm not sure h ow thoughts get around in my head...I think there's a smaller version of me that talks while I'm doing and thinking...a constant chatter box who sometimes has great ideas, but often talks right over the peace and quiet.

Kwana said...

I have no clue. Mine seem to be a few mice running though a maze right now with no exit. Not fun.

Quiskaeya said...

Love it! I always thought I had a butterfly in my head. Sometimes, if I'm still enough - which is rare since I tend to be hyper and need to constantly be moving, I think I can actually feel her moving about in my head. The good of her is that she constantly keeps me seeking new and exciting adventures. The bad of her is that she can't seem to settle down and complete anything.

BTW-thank you for your sweet comments to my feature on MOH. I think what Kristina and all the writers of MOH are doing is amazing. All of you are so incredibly talented and I enjoy reading the inner workings of your minds.

Gerushia's New World said...

This is such a curious thought. My thinking is so random and open-ended, I'm not sure there's anything upstairs helping me along! The best analogy I can come up with is one of those wind up robots. Wind them up, they walk until banging into something, then they back up and start all over again. Never getting very far at all, and truly never getting to their destination. That's pretty much how my entire life works!!

Thanks for bringing up the question.

Gerushia's New World

Jewelry Rockstar said...

A bossy little lady barking out the list of what must be done and how things should be. Shut her up please.

shiborigirl said...

Sounds like your little mouse needs a wheel to keep him focused?


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