Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: Emotion Olympics

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At some point during a relatively normal for an un/homeschooling, business owner/operator/manager/slave, I could feel my brows start to furl, my muscles tensed, my hands became clammy and tingly like something was about to happen, and oh was it ever. This was my Facebook status at 12:09:

Tameka Allen-Mercado says from the stands, "No. 1 Foul Mood Swing is approaching the finish line, she twists, she turns...Serotonin plummets and she scores! Yes, Ladies and gentlemen Foul Mood Swing has done it AGAIN! It's an upset, the crowd boos and hisses-and we're outta here 'til the next time!"

It occurred to me that managing depression is a sport of sorts; you have to be totally dedicated in your practice and commitment to maximum sparkle. I'm not sure exactly what I should be practicing just yet. Feigning a smile through clenched teeth with furled brows, tense muscles and clammy, tingly hands seems a lot more y'know crazy-like, than being depressed. But for now, I have something to think about, and so do you...and all because of my obsession with a certain callipygous figure skater. Gotta love the Greeks!

Peace and randomosity


lori vliegen said...

emotion olympics? i hope you've saved a medal for me.....i'm not choosy about the color, i just know i certainly qualify for one, especially in my pre or post menopausal state (i can never remember which one i'm in these days....). i also second your emotions with the idol it just me, or does it seem like it's been a long idol year....already?!! :)))

Emma's Mom said...

*Stands on the sidelines with a bottle of water*

Its hard to play the game sometimes when you're not sure of the rules. Thank God for the freedom to make shit up as you go along =). Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

Jill said...

Callipygous?!?! I hope people are clicking on your link! I had no idea what it meant---you are a hoot. Please, did you know the word or did you google "synonym for a nice ass"?
AND, as for the follower-- They are missing out--not you.

Jennifer said...

I love this...managing emotions is a sport of sort. This is so true. I have felt I've had to learn my opponent, what to avoid so that I spend more time on offense than defense. When I end up in the defensive position, it's about knowing what manuevers work best, or sometimes just playing possum till it thinks it won and passes.

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