Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finding Balance

Splash!: San Diego,California

Pitta means, "That which digests things." The elements that govern Pitta are fire and water. Think of Pitta as the body's fire or metabolism. A famous Ayurvedic text defines the characteristics of Pitta dosha: hot and a little unctuous; sharp, burning; liquid and acidic; always flowing in an uncontrolled manner; pungent and sharp. Pitta contains fire, but it also contains water. It is the source of the flame, but not the flame itself.

Pitta is a power created by the interaction of water and fire. These forces symbolize transformation. For example, too much fire and too little water will cause the evaporation of the water. Too much water will result in the fire being put out. - excerpted from: Dipreg.com

Aaah...you know the feeling, when you know, "Yes, this is it; this is just what I was missing?" Yes, that feeling. I'm feeling wondrously refreshed, the gifts of the Universe are infinitely rewarding.

Peace and harmony


Emma's Mom said...

What a perfect picture to capture all the fun you're having. Your dress/skirt looks like water itself =). I hope that you continue to be consumed by your wonderful vacation.

Kathy said...

Good for you....and the picture is perfect!

Jill said...

I'm so happy for you! Thanks for "taking" us along.

Angela said...

What a gorgeous shot. Glad you are feeling restored!

Shannon said...

Thank you for the image and the imagery! I was able to go there for just a short time! :)

fly tie said...


and i know nothing quite compares to that feeling! :-)

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