Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Tea Tuesdays

I have my own weekly column over at Moms of Hue. Tries to look poised-y'know like a TV anchorperson, whilst doing happy dance in chair. Weekly, I’ll broach a range of relevant, current topics from my perspective as well as that of other phenomenal women, and men. I invite you, all of you to pull up a chair, and bring your thoughts and experiences to the discussion as you join me for Sweet Tea Tuesdays over at Moms of Hue.

Today's discussion is "Friendship", here is an excerpt:

For all intents and purposes, Stephanie and I were destined to be friends: we’re both women of color, we’re sisters, daughters, aunts, imagined albeit faithful concubines of R&B singer Maxwell and professional teeth-sucking side eye shootin’ I got your actin’ up in public even if you aren’t my child mothers. Yet, we share a dissimilarity that has historically reduced friendships, marriages, families, empires and nations to ruins: religion. For the full story, "grab" the glass of sweet tea and join the discussion.

Peace and Sweet tea


shibori girl said...

You're writing is so beautiful... such a wordsmith! I'm heading there now for the rest of your column.


shibori girl said...

And my grammar is TERRIBLE! Sorry 'bout that. :D

dinascauserie@sbcglobal.net said...

Sweet Tea Tuesdays... sweet.

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