Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Idol Ladies Recap

Crystal Bowersox is the TRUTH-that is all...well, not really...

I Loved: Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperly

I Hated: The Judges

I Voted for: No one.

I was in an unsparkly mood instead I ate veggie bacon and microwave pancakes. Y'all know I'm subject to bouts of non-compliance.

So, is it just me or did Haeley Vaughn perform like a grinnin' banshee since the auditions? Why are they just now getting around to telling her that she needs a year of training? You don't wait until someone crashes and burns to suggest a driver's license. Shakes fist at neck-rollin' ass Kara DioGuardi. (You must see the video, go on click it...hilarity ensues at 3:50)

Who's outta there? I'm worried about Didi Benami, after her Bill Withers' song debacle, I needed Somebody To Lean On. "I'm callin' on you brother, I need a hand...yes, for the remote, press mute-toute de suite!" And, Michelle Delamor needs to thank the hair gods-seriously, her mane is the main attraction, her chops-Rolls neck like DioGuardi, not so much!

Peace and necktitude


Mary said...

we have a local girl (sioban, who performed last) in the mix so will be watching for her tonight--i have to admit i'm not overly awed by any of them...we liked the first girl, too

Anonymous said...

I love your choice of words and phrases. Sometimes, I need to look up those words! Love it! I love: Siobhan, Lilly & Crystal. I was bummed that my eyes could no longer stay open to see her performance at the end of the night. So, needless to say, I did not vote for anyone.

Kiandra said...

okay...i think we absolutely love and believe the same girl is the truth (i'm not good on names).

i llllllooooved the first girl...i think that's crystal...the one you have a picture up of...

and the chick that NEEDS a year of training...lawrd...why did they let her get this far...its just painful!

the others...well things stick out..but i can't put names to faces to performances yet...but i do think i agree with

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