Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Stuff Thursday

My NEW! decorative pitcher.

What a lovely pitcher, yes? I treated myself for pecking my 500th post. It was $5.00, that's kismet! Since starting this blog, I have amassed quite the collection of bee and honey themed items.They're tucked away in little display groupings throughout our family room. I need to gather them all for photographs one day.

I started teaching a friend's child to decode last week; introducing him to the world of phonemes and graphemes. I have to say it's been rather comical. Between my still quite heavy New Yawk accent and his missing teeth, we've been making up all kinds of interesting sounds! He is coming along quite nicely however, and that's a pretty overwhelming feeling for me. I'm privileged to open this whole new world up for him so he can read my blog someday. Winks

This next little tidbit is not for anyone who is under the age of 18 with a sense of humor over the age of 12. Follow? Waits for shrewds and prudes to exit...

Clears throat and whispers. So, y'know how I reference my frequent use of dirty words from time to time? Well, last night in the shower, whilst recalling my day, I burst into a most unladylike laughter. See, I was on the phone with a friend earlier, doing our usual yammering and she mentioned a particular female problem she's been having, but hinted that it might be TMI. I retorted without thought or hesitation, "No worries, after all of the troubles I've had before my hysterectomy, I'm the Twat Whisperer..." What the?! I haven't heard that word used since grammar school recess! And you know what, it still makes me chuckle. Yes, she laughed too, I just wish I could have seen her face.

Peace and randomosity


Anonymous said...

I love love love that pitcher. Nice little commemorative piece.

"Twat Whisperer" beautiful. I will have to tell you about Whisper Pants some time. ;)

Margaret said...

That pitcher is so beautiful. I'm jealous:)

fly tie said...

yes indeed! (regarding the pitcher)

earlier today i was fantasizing about what it must be like to have a hysterectomy, which would be equivalent to not feeling the drama i feel now and every month. :-/

anyway. now i'm curious about this new yawk accent! :-D

Kathy said...

OMG I forgot all about that word! HAHA! Thanks for reminding me...I'm still laughing!

And the pitcher is great!

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

TWAT Whisperer??? LOL! Too funny!

High Desert Diva said...

Oh yes. So glad I checked in. Twat Whisperer. *chuckles madly*

Jessica Torrant said...

You'd give Cesar Millan a run for his money! Of course, what network would THAT show be on??? haha Love your sense of humor Tameka!

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