Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Someone Please Call 911

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Love Story-My first "Look"

You know how a couple weeks ago I was lamenting over my fall from fashion's graces? Well, since the suburban roads of Goodyear aren't quite the style mecca that are the streets of NYC, I had to find an alternate means for inspiration, and boy am I obsessed. Eep! Covers mouth. Did I just say ob-?! Damn you Siggy, I meant inspired.

I tried watching What Not to Watch, ahem...okay, What Not to Wear, but it made me self-conscious of my need for the signature piece of "quirk" that has always defined me. And since I'm not on the receiving end of their producers' $5,000 there is no need for me end up in a dither over those two chicks. Winks.

The other super cool part is, I can upload my own jewelry pieces and incorporate them amongst the styles of top designers as I have done above. Oh I am so psyched. If you decide to join the site, look me up. My stylebook is called "Tea n' Honey".

Peace and fashion


High Desert Diva said...

Yeah...I can see how this could be inspiring.

mairedodd said...

how cool is that?! one could easily become 'incredibly interested' in playing there! :0)

Ms. Bar B: said...

Cute and cool!

Yvonne said...

I love your style T. The shoes and dress are so me. And from one fashion victim to another, I think being unique will always outlast being 'instyle'. Do YOU mama!!

Kathy said...

Very cool

PussDaddy said...

My husband and I watch What Not To Wear too. Either one of us are good candidates for a show IMHO.


fly tie said...

what not to watch, ha ha ha!!!!

ok, it's late and i'm overly goofy.

but i hear you, though. i find that a lot of those sorts of shows--wether dealing with clothes or the home --many times just completely strip people of their "quirk" and make them look bad for ever even liking whatever it is.

rock the quirk proudly!!

Jennifer said...

Very cool! I love what you put together :)

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