Sunday, February 7, 2010

Art Imitates Life

Left: Local flora, Goodyear AZ
Top to bottom: Inspired by local flora-Thistle choker, Edwige dangles, Birth of Venus drops

In spite of my devotion to Sir Oscar Wilde, I'll beg to differ with him here. The past six years have been instrumental for me as a person: like a runner catching stride, a dancer finding the groove a singer hitting just the right note. I have found my muse.

When I look around me, my surroundings speak to me in a comforting voice, and a language I understand. Of course there are times I disagree; koyaanisqatsi-but, I recover and quickly return home to my muse, Arizona.

Peace and purpose


mairedodd said...

and what a beautiful muse she is! everything is just beautiful... i love the pictures of the quails as well - how cute! we made it home before the snow came slamming down!

High Desert Diva said...

Loving those Birth of Venus drops.

Yes, I'd say Arizona fits you well.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Its hard not to be inspired by such beauty!

shibori girl said...

It's obvious that your place is there... what a great fit.

Those pieces are gorgeous!


Dina said...

Absolutely lovely. Isn't that funny how sometimes you have to step away from what's right in front of you before you can appreciate it? And congratulations on your blog milestones. Bravo!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I love the feeling from your post and the warm. I love the imagery of a runner catching her stride, etc...*sigh*

Mama C said...

Your pictures, your jewelry, and your writing are all infused with LIGHT.

And thank you for your generous words on my last post at Mama C--I really appreciate what you have to say, and think about.

Catherine/Mama C

fly tie said...


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