Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not the most beautiful day in the neighborhood today, it's raining and dreary in the desert. I finally hit 100 listings in my Etsy shop though, so it wasn't all bad. I've taken a brief hiatus to renew and cleanse my mind of jewelry design, copycats and other subtle annoyances. I've taken to lighthearted creative outlets, paper crafting, organizing my Flickr page and singing to the kittens. I'm no American Idol, but Anju thinks I sing a mean cover of the Black Crowes Hard to Handle. I don't know why but that song came to me while trying to wrestle him down before he trotted over my newly mopped floor with stinking kitty poo paw.

Well, this'll be a brief post because favorite guy needs his PC, the mighty pubescent one is on mine and I could really use some beauty rest. Winks. Believe it or not that bronze beauty in the profile pic actually looks a lot more like this whilst blogging. Have no fear though, in just a few winks and a swish of Carmex, I'm right back with the best of them! It's all just tricks of the trade ladies and gents.

On that subject, Here is a Step One pic of my project du jour. In just a few days, these unfinished wood re-fashioned $1.99 frames will be 2 gorgeous custom name plaques...just you wait and see! Of course they'll take quite a bit more than a few winks and a swish of Carmex, though! Smiles.


A Woman's Charm said...

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High Desert Diva said...

Hey Tameka,
Glad I found your blog!

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