Saturday, January 12, 2008

Singing "Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way!" Thanks, Marcy Berliner-she was my crazed grammar school music teacher. Every once in a while, I'll just burst into song (in my head, of course) and it'll either be some ridiculous music appreciation-esque song or Bet On It from High School Musical 2. At this point, if you are not singing this song, you have not lived! (At least not with a 4-14 year old child.)
Today was a good day... (Now, I'm thinking Ice Cube)Raps- I didn't even have to use my AK...I gotta say it was a good day....Hums to tune of keyboard in hook.

So, it starts with an Etsy front page feature again. Again I say, did you hear me?! Twice, talk about extra super duper awesomeness! But, greater than the the front page was the number of community members who thought to convo me with kudos and notification. I guess I didn't realize how "visible" I am in the community. Thanks guys! Blushing.

I also had about 5 sales, so I treated the over-worked favorite guy to breakfast. We hit up the gently used children's clothing store, picked up some groceries and back home for 4 episodes of 24 on DVD! Now some of you may think, "Mmmmmk' when does the day start to get good?" Silly rabbits, fun is for kids-Joe and I are just happy to have a teenager-makes-poor decision- 'tween-cries-for-45 minutes-for-no-apparent-reason free day, with no work and enough gas in the car to schmooze about the strip malls of Suburbia! Life is good.

The creative juices have been flowing, I've made at least 2 pieces daily for the past week, I think. That is great, considering Valentine's Day is approaching. I don't know if there are many crazed Hallmark Holiday Whores out there, but I shop for every holiday with a theme. Hopefully, some love-sick freaks will be in the market for a l'il Hippie Couture this February 14th. I've outdone myself the past 2 years...I'm feeling a little pressure this year. Wondering if I can compare to the magic of last year's wife! For '06 I wrote a contest winning-Pauses for applause. Essay-writing contest about romance for and, last year I designed a collage of our most prized memorabilia; my promise ring, a book of matches from our wedding reception, his first wedding band and assorted was to cry for (both of us shhhh) Now I'm thinking, "Well what'd you go and do that for?! How can I top that?!" Pole- dancing is a thought, but he might really think I've gone mad, he fears my behavior enough as it is! I dunno, I'll have to think of something.
Other than that, I guess I've been fairly thought-free. Looks up and to the right to check for thoughts. I did have one of those semi-conscious discussions about feline behavior with Joe earlier during the week. But, he wasn't listening and all I can remember is stating that both our kittens have very different personalities although they are reared the same. Only, later to question how an animal could have a "personality" which Joe murmured "it's called characteristics" and I disagreed stating that would be like stripes or physical description, "It's their disposition" I said, "That we are discussing". Then, we fell asleep. Shrugs.

Everyday we're together, I'm reminded just how extraordinary ordinary is. Today was a good day. Sips beer while watching kitten lick nether regions and logs off.


Dharma Designs said...

Way to go! :-)

Andrea Q said...

Congratulations on making the front page! It must be a great feeling.

miznyc said...

congrats on the front page! I missed it or you'd have had another convo and a screen shot!

I'm dying over here with the "crazed Hallmark Holiday Whores" and the love-sick freaks.


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