Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm awake and bored out of my gourd. I just heard the Kim Possible theme song sung in Spanish! Very funny, "Keem Po-see-blay" it's gonna be stuck in my head whenever the English version comes on I'll be the only idiota encantar en el spanol! Aye dios mio.
So I had a quiet weekend, I did some deep cleaning. The husband hinted that I was slacking in my uh...duties. Laughs I knew it needed to be done, I guess I was just hoping I didn't need to do it! At any rate, it's done now and alas the husband and the kids can tear it all up again. And, it's not that I'm not guilty as well, but heck if I'm the one that inevitably cleans it-what does it matter, true?
I'm so psyched about Pretty In Peace, but unlike my Love. Paper. Scissors. shop, I really have to tread lightly because I'm working with sterling silver and gemstones. There really is no room for error. Not on my budget as it stands right now. It is essential that I really map out the design and think through the logistics of it before I set out on the actual design. I enjoy that part though-it keeps me hemispherically balanced.
I traded on the Etsy site for the first time late last week with another artist that enjoys my shop. I traded my altered birthday tin for a set of gorgeous denim and floral cloth beaded coasters. They match perfectly with the federal blue suede in the living room. (Faux suede-I'm a conservationist/pacifist...Please do not confuse conservationist with conservative-that, I am not.) Oh and I signed up for Peace Swap 4! It is an artist collaborative, worldwide-where the participants design a piece of Peace themed art specifically for the fellow artist that they are assigned. I plan to blog the whole process in photographic detail. I'm excited and anxious. I don't consider myself a visual artist so this is a bit of a challenge. I am creative, but my artistic talent, or rather my forte is in my use of words. What makes my crafts and jewelry sell is the fact that I am a creative perfectionist-I don't know (and I may be totally off the mark here) that that constitutes art. I've always felt that "artist" is a given term whether you are active or not, like being a woman. There is a way that the visual artist sees and thinks that is different from the intellectual or even the musician. Well, anyway I'm participating in that.
I had an odd encounter on the forums today, and I'm grateful that it ended where it did, because I've been really working on peaceful coexistence with the Etsy community. There are a few people there that I can only refer to as "iThugs" or "eGangsters". They are cowards that hide behind their monitors and spew venom that they would be afraid to even think in the real world. I keep a running list of them, I don't shop their stores and I avoid them like pork in the forums. So today, of all the topics some asshole gets a hideous hump in her back in a Vegan thread. Yes, the irony. She bit my head off in the Vegan thread. I simply directed someone who stated that they were 70lbs overweight and thinking of becoming vegan from being an omnivore to consult a physician and take it slow. Well iThug goes on a rant about how you can get "real info from the Internet and why ask a doctor they don't know anything about nutrition." So, I'm like okkkkkkk, Internet, nutritionist, doctor whatever just consult someone and take it slow because the detox period can be daunting. To which iThug exclaims, "Nonsense!" But then, doesn't elaborate when I asked specifically what was nonsensical about what I'd just said. Y'know people are fucking ridiculous sometimes. I read shit everyday that I don't agree with and that doesn't make it nonsense. But whatever-that was my encounter with the eCannibal in the Vegan thread. Perhaps she needed a burger?

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