Friday, September 28, 2007

I just spent an entire hour, 60 precious minutes engaging in the most frivolous insanity-reruns of Martin, with Martin Lawrence. My goodness the insanity! It was like a train wreck, I was trying to work on promoting the shop and getting my orders ready to ship tomorrow, but alas-I sat here hypnotized by the foolishness. She-nay-nay...I know someone that is sadly very much akin to the stupidity that is She-nay-nay. I have this evil smile as I type because without looking at the TV I can only envision her. In some odd twist of neurotransmission, I have linked her to She-nay-nay like odor and feces. Hilarious! Well, for me it is-for her shameful! Damn that Jordan, he put in on and then pursuant to a bout with MySpace induced Alzheimer's never returned to the living-room to see it! (Now Good Times is coming on-and I don't wanna hear James Evan' s complaining about how broke he is because in just 8 or so hours I'll hear my own overworked husband's version of the same spiel! And that Florida is just too hard on the late night eyes!)
I just wire wrapped the coolest bean-shaped wood piece for a ring design. I'm watching the bond set now and I'm loving it. It is so tempting to just put everything on at once. I'd get so much more promoting done if I were still in NYC, but I seldom get dressed these days much less accessorize. I think tomorrow I'm gonna beat the face, burn the hair and take some self-love pics. Yael inspired me. Every so often she will (Jordan reappears to announce his adoration of Thelma from Good Times, he's got a TV crush in every show...wonder who he gets that from?! Hmmm...) don some of her dressier duds, some war-paint and a pair of my shoes that hurt my feet and traipse about the house in character. I think it is the healthiest thing in the world, and if I had more free time-I'd join her.
I'm proud of how confident she is, I hope it lasts! Confidence is like full immunity for all of the stupidity that young girls and women will encounter in this society. Confident girls don't put out for the wrong reasons. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting someone to pet your kitty. BUT, if you're looking for love or security or safety, like it' some magic wand-trust me you will quickly find the Fairy Godmother has the letters PhD as a suffix. Confident girls don't succumb to peer pressure as easily. I keenly remember, "Hey you want to go to X's house instead of school today?" Me-"Nah I'll stop by though during lunch." X still lives in the same place, doing the same thing as when the high school hooky parties' were happening. Confident girls have a walk, a talk, a je ne sais quoi. Confident girls work the room not the wall, if you don't see her, she isn't there. My mother hasn't always been available or made the best decisions, but I know who I am is everything I want to be and where I am is everywhere I want to be and where I'm going is everywhere I want to go-and no less.
Teaching my own children has awakened in me the lessons I never knew I was learning or consciously teaching for that matter. I'm grateful and proud all at the same time. So tomorrow, in celebration- I'm gonna play dress-up and model this amazing wire wrapped wooden bean shaped ring! I'm so craaaaaaaaazy!

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