Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Thought: Why Can't I Do Stuff?

I can't drive. I can't sew (much to my chagrin). I can't read a map. I can't tell left from right unless my wedding ring is on. I'm geographically inept. I can't decipher instructions without words, you know the Ikea furniture petroglyph type. I must be destined for royalty by design. Where are my servants, jester, seamstress and driver?
I'm very sad today because I want to do stuff, but alas my noodle is designed for creative thought only. Perhaps, I can design someone to do all of my handiwork. Thinks. "I tried that twice and it didn't work". Oh well. What are you thinking about this Thursday? What can't you do?


Anonymous said...

I can't keep my house clean. I can't get my son's out of bed in the morning without hearing them cry all the way to school. I can't get my oldest son to listen.I can't get my youngest son to talk. I can't save the world.What can I do?


High Desert Diva said...

I'm hopeless at maps as well. My husband cringes every time I turn the map around trying to figure out which direction we're traveling. I need directions. With visual aides. Turn left by the red barn...

Jennifer Otero said...

Im with you on this one. Think about what you CAN do though and i bet its more interesting than those things everyone can do.
I don't and wont drive, Im to laid back....and it just seems to make people angry!

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