Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday's thought: "Is real life real?"

The Etsy fora has a way of raising questions, concerns and heart rates. It's a train wreck, but y'know what they say, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger". Well that is my random thought this Thursday just how much of what we believe will kill us actually will? How many flavors of the Kool aid are we ingesting?
Rena of AZ adds to the fora Unpopular Opinion Thread, "Most of life is bullshit". I'm inclined to agree. While I'm not as cynical to say that all of it isn't true, I'm wise enough to extrapolate from what I've witnessed these past 3 decades, most of it is indeed bullshit. Let's have a look at today's' trends: (In no particular order) ADD/ADHD-Granted, a valid concern and medical diagnosis for some, for many however your problem is BAK/LAP Bad ass kids, lazy ass parents. Low carb dieting, Glycemic index, The Zone-You don't have to be Pythagoras to plan a meal; eat less + move more =lose weight. The gluten-free craze-If you've been eating it for 35 years, thoroughly unaware, sans Celiac disease and you have yet to swell up and die- chances are your symptoms are psychosomatic and not an actual allergy, put back the $6.00 pasta.
Clinton, Obama, your mama-The presidential debates hold as much weight as Student Council debates; they can promise pizza everyday and an end to homework until the powers that truly be veto. Foreign adoption; what do the celebrities have against poor infants in the Bronx, Los Angeles, Chicago? The travel expenses alone could feed several local albeit less fashionable hungry minority children. I won't touch how not Green it is to make several fuel powered, private jet trips to foreign courts and consulates. And last, stimulus payments (Have you gotten yours?) this reminds me of a bad sit-com where the dopey dad takes the rent/mortgage/holiday shopping money-which is already short and, gambles it on a sure-thing horse with a bum leg. For the record, I've historically figured my taxable amount within $20...Uncle Sam doesn't pay interest, and while their overdraft fees are near usury, the "Evil Blue Octagon" does.

Thursdays thought: Is this for real, are we for real-is anything? I mean really, what's really real?
What are you thinking about this 93 degrees Fahrenheit, clear blue skies-filled Arizona day?


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I got a card from my mother for mothers day with pictures of my nephew's the children of my sister who is a wack job. The oldest of the two lives with my mother full time and the younger one lives with my sister who can't even take care of herself let alone a baby.My nephew Jaydon is 3mo old and is supper cute and lives with my sister who is drug addict and a father that beats the shit out of his mother. So tell me what kind of life he will have it makes me cry when I look at his little face and wonder what is going to happen to him. So why do people go to other counties to get babies when there are ones here that need good homes and a chance at a real life. I guess real life is real.


tattytiara said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, to answer that question we have to define what reality is... ow! Brain cramp!

Great post. I think there is an epidemic of over thinking and under doing in society. Too much worrying what's wrong and not enough doing what's obviously right.

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