Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Not so Extreme Makeover

Uh so tell me Blogger aficionados, is HTML ESL for "How to Make Lunatic?" I can read, write, type and have exceptional spelling and grammar skills. Is that not enough to qualify me for frou frou blog status without the hype that is HTML? For Pete's sake, I think I'm doing okay, and then I pull a savant move like adding a friggin' JPEG file and end up with 167 line spaces between my last thought and the image. Can I get a break, don't tell me bloggin', alongside craftin'-ain't easy.

I've recently summoned the aid of an Etsian graphics designer to give me a face lift for my anniversary. June marks a year in the life of a blogger. Throws confetti. So postings will be few far between and fairly scant as I prepare for my NEW! look. Have a gander at some of my previous yammerings, on occasion I have found myself quite profound...near genius even. Cheers.

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