Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday

I realize in my quest to remain a consistent blogger, not all posts will be fraught with depth and intellect; I'm okay with that. After a near psychotic break while formatting my Bee's Knees interview, I made the well thought decision to take on one of the memes from a previous post. I guess I'm just not feeling much like an over-achiever today. I made veggie dogs and beans for dinner and Puberty Man reminded me that he needed clean underwear. Hell, I thought he was just staying indoors to spend quality time with mom.

At any rate, here goes my first Take 5 Tuesday courtesy of The Daily Meme If you join me, please leave a comment with a link to your blog, I'm nosey.

I. 5 things I collect:
-Peace related items
-Vintage African American ephemera
-Ghanaian wood sculptures
-Menarche/Crone/Goddess items

II. 5 things about my hair:
-I have cut my own hair for 5 years
-It is naturally medium brown w/hints of red, but I vegetable (clove) dye it dark brown
-I have one patch of hair near the base of my scalp which is a different texture than the rest
-I am going grey
-I have a cowlick at the very front of my hairline which has been passed on to both my children

III. 5 random things about my pets:
-Beau (cavy) is gay
-Anju (male cat) has an eating disorder
-Biju (female cat) is a rogue
-Both my cats are Crazy Cat Lady rescues
-I use Aveda products on my cavy

IV. 5 things in my junk drawer:
Uh-oh...the shame and horror
-A blue plastic 12" ruler
-A spool of red spun polyester thread
-A yellow star-shaped hair slide (Yael)
-A 1988 nickel
-A package of rodent Bark Chews

V. 5 of my favorite summer foods:
-Cherries (haven't had any yet)
-Tossed green Salad
-Grilled seitan satays (NEW! favorite)
-Grilled corn
-Grilled veggie-kabobs


Gallery Juana said...

I like your altered tins! You mentioned Omara Portuondo in that same post. I love her voice and music.

Your five favorite foods sound delicious too. I am very hungry right now.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Angie said...

I agree Cherries are some of the best summer food - luckily I've been fortunate to have some, but they weren't local; and local onees, right off the trees still warm are the best :)

High Desert Diva said...

I've got a big ol' cowlick right in front, too....half the women in my family have the damn thing in the same spot.

What is seitan satay?

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Seitan is wheat meat. Seitan satays are pierced with skewers and seasoned with asian spices...good stuff, try them with Naan bread and a green salad.

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