Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A New Moon, Old Music & Mainstream Movies

It's a new moon tonight, I'll be 35 in 10 days; what to do? What to do?! I had this whole 'De-clutter Your Space, De-clutter Your Mind' idea going on. In true Tameka form, the process of planning the de-cluttering exacerbated the current state of mental clutter, setting me back indefinitely. I'm left wondering if I should perhaps, embrace the clutter or first, de-clutter by streamlining the planning of the de-cluttering process. (I'll wait while you re-read that, take your time.)

So yeah, that's pretty much what I'm wrestling with, that and listening to Cold Case. I'm indifferent about the show, but the soundtrack from the initial crime scene is always the best. I seem to constantly discover and rediscover great oldies from the show's score. Oh! This is big- I may, at 35 be forced to hand over my self-appointed Film Snob title. Yes, not one, but two mainstream (Shudder at the thought.) films have me thoroughly intrigued. First, on July 25th Mulder and Scully return, The X-Files Movie baby. It's as close as I'll ever get to seeing a UFO unless I lose my teeth or end up residing on an abandoned farm with scattered junk cars and a chicken or two. And, in October The Secret Life of Bees. If you have not read this book please do, it is one of my favorite reads. Sue Monk Kidd scribes a most beautiful portrait of humanity, humility and good ol' Southern hospitality. I've preserved a copy for gifting my daughter at her menarche ritual. I hope the film accurately captures the magic of the book; it'd be a crime not to.

I guess you now have a glimpse of the after effects of Operation De-clutter in my hodge-podge of a post. Sigh.


stitchandtell said...

Hi PIP - glad to see that you are contemplating your clutter. I saw your comment at Mrs. Q's blog. If I may - let me offer you just a little assistance to declutter your life. Baby steps!! It's didn't happen overnight and you won't make it disappear overnight. Setting a schedule to clear XYZ in a certain amount of time is setting yourself up for a big crash at the end. Start small - select 27 items and put away, donate or toss those things - do this as many times as you feel comfortable in a day. If you are feeling particularly ambitious - pick a drawer, cabinet or some other small area that will make a big impact in your mind - and conquer the clutter. Slow and steady wins the race and welcome to the declutter crew! :D

fly tie said...

lol @ the internal conflict concerning the clutter. nothing is safe when i'm in that mode. i become obsessed with decluttering, and all items have the potential to be thrown away. (then i'll be looking for 'em next week wondering where they "went".)

the secret life of bees...yeah, i've been saying i'm gonna check that out, so i'm gonna get on it.

Anonymous said...

I understand - I've spent many an hour staring at my clutter trying to mentally organize it before I start. I'm quite a bit older than you and I have this advice - learn to love the clutter :) I think clutter stimulates the creative process. BTW Love your blog and (whispers - I too am looking forward to the X-Files movie)


Oh I can relate to this!! I am clutter personified :0)

Secret Life Of Bees is such a fantastic book, everyone should read it, great taste!!

Paper Girl Productions said...

I'm a procastinating clutterbug! BUT when I get that de-clutter can be abit terrifying for everyone around..LOL!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

never pictured u as a film snob
hated it - LOL

be safe this weekend jones

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