Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Karma Conundrum

First Rikki Lake gave us self esteem, followed by Oprah's co-dependency (or maybe not, the order escapes me) and, the new millennium brings us the karma conundrum. I vividly recall sitting in front of the idiot box and waiting for the part of Rikki Lake's show where some cretin; equally as adept at psychology as the English language would spew the phrase, "Girl, you need to git' you some self esteems." Shudder. Well much to my chagrin this has now been replaced with, "Karma's gonna git you sucka'"! Laughing. Friends are for sharing so let's talk a bit about wishing harm on others under the guise of karma. Which is also passive aggressive behavior by the way and another one of my philo/psycho-babble pet peeves.

-Sanchita Karma: This is basically all-inclusive karma. It is what we have accumulated from previous lifetimes, and past actions in this lifetime, good and bad. It is everything we need to work out eventually - now or later.

-Prarabdha Karma: This is the karma that we are working off in this lifetime. Since we choose our birthtime, we also choose the planets that are there at the time of our birth, which affects our karma.

-Agami Karma: This is the more immediate kind of karma. When we do something and see the effects right then and there.

-Kriyamana Karma: This is how our purposeful actions affect our future karmic return. If we are more aware of the actions we take, and act out of kindness we will be able to improve our future karma.

So there you have it, pretty simple. There is no classification of karma for bad drivers, folks who don't tip, relatives that have wronged us or inconsiderate friends. Karma is neither a bitch or a motherfucker; karma is action. The next time you want to improve on your karmic destiny, rather than exalting your right to cast down the pseudo karmic demons on your unsuspecting brethren, take a breath and think a happy thought with happy little trees and maybe even a flower or two lest you come back as an immortal co-dependent cockroach with low self esteem. Peace.


trudette, said...

I am so glad I found your Blog !
Will be visiting often :)

Anonymous said...

OK--now that is really funny..I started the thread on etsy and I am glad to have found your blog. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I 'm back today to get the title of the book you mentioned because I am going to buy it. I am reading Advice on Dying by the Dalai Lama now and I thing this is the next book I will read.

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