Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Friend, 2 Friends, e-Friends, True Friends

The party was a lot of fun, the guests all played nicely and I am officially thirty-five years young. And now, the dish. In a beer induced moment of clarity it occurred to me, as I watch everyone frolicking about and behaving humanly-(I love that expression) why I, am not a fan of humans. We're just way too needy. It also occurred to me that there are a handful of humans whom reside in a special place in my heart.

Iva, the CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) of the committee couldn't make it in from NYC for my birthday. In her absence she sent two beautiful cards which arrived right on time for my day. She was sorely missed. As I stood in the kitchen behind the island (This is where I shield myself from ever being approached at all sides by overzealous drunken humans, have you ever noticed this?) I realized that I needed her here. Iva is the friend that gives me the okay to dance in the kitchen, drink until I pass out and then do it again the next day-of course after we're done pillaging clearance racks. We all need that "Let-your-hair-down, hell-shave-it-off-if-you-wanna" friend, that is her.

Then, there is Amy who I called today just to thank her for being easy. Amy is like a substitute favorite guy, I'd call her favorite gal, but Iva would beat her up. Laughs. She's the "Mellow-laid back, as-long-as-the-beer-is-cold, everything-is-irie" friend, I love her much. Welcome to the committee McDonough.

Lisa called at 10:01, up until about oh I'd say a week ago, Lisa was banished to "Status Invisible" for being a bad friend, but the good yogi that I am turned the other cheek again (I said good yogi, nothing about being above laying on a guilt trip) and have since had her reinstated. She's alright with me especially since she remembered my birthday! Welcome back Wench.

There were others, but they managed to extract enough of my negative attention yesterday, so no special mention for them. Blows raspberry.

And, last but certainly not least-I logged into my Etsy account and had a bunch of very sweet birthday wishes from my e-Friends. You guys are so incredibly sweet, thank you all so much. I almost cried when I logged on and saw my Etsy birthday wish but the personal messages truly made my day. It really doesn't take much to make someone smile and there's a special name for people who do it without an agenda; true friends.

If I am nothing, what I am is a loyal faithful awesome friend and not the least bit humble or modest about it, as you can tell. That being said, I am also a pretty good judge of character and a real stickler for conviction, so when I let you in, that privilege comes with great expectations and rewards. Sadly, I have had to remove certain people from my good graces, and while it may suck for them-trust, it has been quite the character building experience for me. Onward and upward.


High Desert Diva said...

Glad your birthday went well!

I like your idea of standing behind the kitchen island...hmmm...I have one too, plus a half wall...double barrier!

She's a Crafty Bitch said...

So when was your actual birthday?! Sorry I missed it! But, Happy Birthday!!!! You look totally FANTASTIC in your dress and again, your hair is awesome! Congratulations on being 35 and beautiful, not to mention intelligent and funny as all get out! I hope you had an excellent birthday!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to be in the committee. I love you much too. Iva please don't beat me up. everything-is-irie.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Thanks all, yes Charmaine the island is quite the pleasant retreat.

Mequet darlin' my birthday was the 12th. I need you to contact me so I can hear your voice, e-mail me:

Aww Amy you rock my socks...

Rosebud Collection said...

How the heck did I miss your birthday? I messed up somewhere..Happy Birthday!..Sounds like you had fun..Loyalty, something we always tease about in this family. We are loyal to a fault .You don't find it much anymore..when you find people with it, hang on tight..

Maura said...

Happy Late Birthday! The cupcake looks yum, the bangs are great, and those earrings are so pretty!

Plus I like your list! More things we have in common!

Very weird!

Not to mention BL!

She's a Crafty Bitch said...

Hey, that's crazy! My sister's birthday was on the 12th too! I had to look up "everything is irie" to see what I meant. I like it, but I don't know if I'm cool enough to pull it off, haha! BTW, I almost peed laughing at your comment on the ninja post. Blackanese, hahahahahah!

fly tie said...

sending (belated) birthday wishes. :-)

imc said...

oh! amy you know it's all good someone has to hold my girl down while im in the nyc! thank you for being a good friend to my friend. "every little ting is alright"!!!

Natalie Jane said...

Oh man, just checked your Etsy account and LOVE the nerd flash cards. If you ever want to do some trading for some handmade earrings, let me know!

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