Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Namaste Art Swap is here!

Namaste is a respectful greeting, both as a welcome and in saying good-bye. Traditionally, Namaste is said while bringing together both palms of the hands before the heart in prayer position, and lightly bowing the head and shoulders. This gesture is a mudra, a well-recognized symbolic hand position in eastern religions. One hand represents the higher, spiritual nature, while the other represents the worldly self. By combining the two, the person making the gesture is attempting to rise above his differences with others, and connect himself with the person to whom he bows. The bow is symbolic of love and respect.

What a great concept from which to build, learn and share, yes? Well, that's precisely what I intend to do by hosting this here Namaste Art Swap! Laughs. (I'm reading a book set in the Carolinas, I reckon I'm still in character)

The Deal:
If you wish to participate, leave a comment on this post and send an e-mail to with the words Namaste Art Swap in the subject field. Include the following info:
1. Your full name and mailing address
2. Your e-mail address

The Dish:
You have until August 2, 2008 to sign up, I will notify all assigned partners via e-mail on Monday August 4, 2008. Your specially designed/thrifted/altered/recycled any thing but store bought Namaste artwork/s must be postmarked no later than Saturday August 16, 2008.

In the nature of goodness and light, I'm not going to assign monetary value to the swap. I expect all who participate to put forth great effort and thought in creating a reflection of what Namaste or connectivity, respect and love mean to each of you. By teaching, learning and connecting we move closer to understanding, respect and love.

The Doozy:
As I understand it, there are flakes in every swap; life happens. I don't expect you to rewrite destiny. So, if something happens; you can not swap on time or at all at this time, please notify myself and your partner as soon as possible or Kali's got a little something for you!

Let's swap.



karen beth said...

I'm in! Will send my info to you, stat.


Karen Beth :)

Ultratrixie :: said...

Alrighty, I rekon I would like to sign up too... put my name in the hat!
Thanks, this sounds real fun! and inspiring...

nicaeli said...

sounds like a great idea, I want in:)

Mary Richmond said...

i would love to do this!

namaste ;-)

Jen said...

Sounds like fun, I'll sign up too!


Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Count me in! Thanks for thinking of me!

fairyfelts said...

I'm in!!!!!
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join you!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Just stoppin' in to *squeal* and thank all of you who've signed up thus far!

Anna said...

hey, I added your link to my blog. :) can you add a link to mine too? thanks! and thanks for the comment.

that's an interesting idea for a swap. I was actually thinking about "namaste" today in my yoga class. I never knew that about the symbolism behind it.

High Desert Diva said...

I'm in.

kim said...

I'm in!

Gazed- Upon Glass said...

I'd would like to participate. :)

Fog and Thistle said...

I'm in, sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm in and already inspired -thanks


jcorona said...

Thanks for hosting. Sounds like a great swap.

Rowan Willow said...

I wanna play...I am very familiar with namaste and yoga and would love to make my interpretation of it. Please add me

Rowan Willow {artist /alter ego}
aka Tiffany

AwtemNymf said...

I've heard this word many times, but never really understood the meaning.
Now I do and I'm inspired!
I have just the thing to create for this project!
Count me in too please!

(emailing you now)

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