Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday July 29th 2008

It is time for Take 5 Tuesday again. Remember if you join me, please link back to your blog in the comments so I can peruse your musings. Peace.

1. 5 of your favorite things
- art

2. 5 things you wanted to be when you grew up
-a wife
-a mother
-a psychiatrist
-a writer
-a dancer

3. 5 of the best compliments that you have ever received
-"Seeing you as a mother touches me; it really makes me proud"~Grandma
-"They're learning such valuable lessons, thank you..." ~ Favorite Guy
-"What a neck; very, very nice" ~Yoga Joe
-"Thanks for staying on my ass"~ My younger brother
-" You always tell me just what I need to hear" ~ Bonnie

4. 5 songs that you would pick as your theme songs.
-Wonder, Natalie Merchant
-Cloudbusting, Kate Bush
-Feeling Good, Nina Simone
-Umi Says, Mos Def
-Black Money, Culture Club

5. 5 people that inspire(d) you.
-my grandmother (see above: Umi Says)
-Carol Berkley (home instruction tutor)
- Mr. Gomes (English teacher)
-Favorite guy
-my children-seriously, if you've never taken the time to just observe a day in the life of a child-you are missing out.


everything ok! said...

kate bush! *high fives*

(if i ever get a band back together, i've always really wanted to cover "hounds of love".)

High Desert Diva said...

The compliments are great!

fly tie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fly tie said...

-"They're learning such valuable lessons, thank you..." ~ Favorite Guy

love this.

also love umi says.

BlossomingTree said...

What great lists. It would take me all day to come up with answers lol. I may do this anyway, jus' 'cause.

Angela said...

This is a great list! I'm going to post my own.

Paper Girl Productions said...

What a great post! Love the entire list!

NoOtherDaphne said...

Awesome list, I think I will make one...someday!

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