Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Woe is we

Yes, I'm complaining today. Share with me in this moment please. This presidential campaign-while I am by all means apolitical, has infiltrated my existence as a woman living in America and a person of color in vast and unexpected ways. I hurt on a deep personal level. I hurt for friends, family members, gays, Muslims, the Obama's, the McCain's, the Palin's I'll throw ol' Joe in there for good measure-he'll need my sympathies to battle the archdiocese. Winks.

I feel at war with my conscience, with other Americans, with people who look like me, with people who do not look like me, with people who understand what an amazing piece of history this presidential race is for women and Blacks, and with those who do not.

I'm angry because I have a clear picture of the problem but the solutions are so damn muddy. I'm angry because the freedoms that I rely on as a writer, and an artist, and a thinking human also protect the driving zygote we passed on our quaint suburban street sporting in his pick-up, adorned in hate speech. I'm angry because the mere color of my skin, the height of my cheekbones, the fullness of my nose and lips are a measure of just how publicly outraged I'm permitted to be.

I'm embarrassed by the embarrassment I feel for myself and others as I witness them grappling with the same emotions I grapple with whilst enduring this presidential campaign. I'm embarrassed because I prefer to think myself an individual; not just part of a race, or a people, or a country, a sect, a sex-but as Tameka. Perhaps I'm embarrassed at the realization that I, in the history of this country have gone from a fraction of a person with a fraction of a vote to a fraction of the populace and none of these fractions represent Tameka as a whole.

I'm pleased with what I've expressed here, surprisingly enough. Honesty needs no frill-it simply is what it is. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how this whole presidential race is affecting your presence (or that of others you've been in contact with) in America.
Peace, please.


Mequet said...

Oh, Tameka. I'm sorry. You know how I feel about all of this. I've been angry about it for a while and now I also find myself so sad. And my faith in my fellow man has really been shaken by all of this. Some members of my own family have revealed themselves for what they are and it hasn't been pretty. Apparently gay people are to be despised, black people are to be subjugated, and Muslims are to be feared. It all makes me question those basic core values that I honestly believed more people had than not. On that note, check out my blog today. Before I even read your post, I had posted something that kind of addresses some of your feelings with a lot of positivity. I hope you feel better.

Mequet said...

Oh, and Obama said something once that thrills me to no end and inspires me too. He said “The day I’m inaugurated, this country looks at itself differently and the world looks at America differently”. Just hold on to that. I really think it's going to happen.

Daisy said...

I am very sad that the presidential election has divided the country so much.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I have always known about the underbelly of our country. The nastiness that peeps out in America is the main reason why we have a dumb bell in office today. So many times we get duped by our own fears and hates. I watched a video today about an American Coup. It scared me sh*tless, but once I spiritually centered myself I felt better. There is just so much going on and I am tired...

fly tie said...

i really can't say that it's affecting my presence at all.

the hatred and pettiness that has surfaced has always been there is an integral part of the construct of this nation. it just is. the current political circumstances (a black person in the forefront as presidential candidate) provides the outlet for those who harbor this hatred to just let it all out. against *any* group of people who they deem to be the threatening "other." cause when it comes down to it, all this mess is fueled by fear.

i think for this reason none of this is really taking a toll on me. it's sad to say, but i expect such things as what we're currently seeing.

perhaps as you alluded to the key is for each of us to recognize and honor ourselves as individuals. to believe in and know of our own greatness so firmly on a personal individual level that negative energy such as what's circulating now can't even phase us.

nicely articulated sentiments. peace.

ShaNic Design said...

Wonderful post. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Ms. Bar B: said...

I definitely feel where you are coming from. History holds a lot of power, especially when time and space is in constant evolution, but people are not.

It makes me sad to see and know that people are still being mistreated in this country, that really, nothing has changed, just a bit more low key.

But, you know, perhaps things will change one day. It really is tiring to have to worry about or tolerate ignorance. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us =).

Smarty Pants said...

black, white, woman, muslim... it may matter now, but in the end, whoever gets elected, will be blamed for a lot of residual bullshit left behind by this administration. We are about to see a major depression in this country(it's simple math, not fear thats causing it) and our new leader will be torn apart and ridiculed for not being able to fix it.
I'm voting Obama. Not because he's a man or a black man or a Muslim (is he even a muslim? I just dont care) but because he's the lesser evil on the ballot. Not him personally, but he is, after all, a politician. They study and implement ways to convince people. It's what they do.
They are all trying to tell us what they think we want to hear in an effort to gain our vote. Once they are elected, there is no law holding them to their promises. No reprecussion except bashing in the media... and doesn't everyone get that nowadays?
Know this... who ever gets elected has not had to choose between heat and food in their adult life. They don't know what it is like to be an average American. How can they possibly serve an American like me?

cecileklay said...

This election makes me feel energized and wonderful. I'm spending a lot of time volunteering in the local Obama campaign office and its been the best thing for lifting spirits. Every color, every age, every background....we're all in their hunting for one more inch of space to work in. Its been SRO in our little corner of Virginia at Barack's local office. The food arrives daily, phones and computers are always busy, and hopeful conversation sparkles!

High Desert Diva said...

Such eloquence.

Politicians for the most part, make me ill. Having said that, this is the first election where I will actually cast a vote in favor of a particular candidate (Obama) as opposed to my party (always...always Democrat).

Trying to clean up the mess America has become in the last eight years will be monumental. But, at least I have hope...

I will never understand the people who condemn others based on skin color or religious preference.

We are all one.

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