Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Ran...

I ran, really I did only, it was not fast enough and I have been tagged yet again. I could have flaked, but these 7 random things memes are like Cliff's Notes for my eulogy. You know what they say, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself! Here's to you Jennifer:

1. As sibling superlatives go, I am the smartest, the meanest and the weirdest. I'm also the oldest so their opinions don't count! Laughs.

2. I was a child pageant runner up, Little Miss Half Pint. Who knows what year it was. I'm still pissed because I was so totally robbed. That other kid had nothing on my bowed legs and Afro puffs.

3. I performed in an African Dance Troupe for several years promoting the arts in New York City public schools and libraries. One of the places I performed was the historical Langston Hughes library in Queens.

4. I am a happily inked woman. I purchased a fake state ID on NYC's infamous 42nd street at age 14 and travelled via LIRR to obtain my first tattoo, a black widow spider on my upper right shoulder blade. It has since been ingeniously incorporated into the much larger floral piece that spans both entire shoulder blades by the lovely Emma of Porcupine Studios. (I'll post pics one day-Favorite guys has to take them.)

5. My teeth are nonconformists too. Laughs. In my 35 years I have had 5 wisdom teeth extracted, yes 5! I had a gap closed and an extra incisor removed as well. I've opted against having any more work done as I think the deviation adds character.

6. Following the branding initiative of Generation Y retailer Delia's in 1997, It was decided that Delia needed a more detailed identity. Up until that time she was a concept, a paradigm for girls aged 13-17. As part of that super talented marketing team we groomed her into a Lacrosse playing, A student from Pleasantville, and I provided her voice.

7. I was an infant, toddler at best, when my grandmother was working towards her M.S.N. She would often read to me. I'm not sure how far back we are supposed to remember, but I know far more about medical science than I've consciously learned. I have contributed and even corrected several diagnoses in myself and others over the years. I haven't a clue where this information came from.

I'm hanging up my tagging shoes for a while folks, it's been a blast.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user: fccmontg


Linda said...

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog! :) It's always fun to see how other people spend their holidays.

.. and apart from that, I personally LOVE kwanzaa.. I didn't know about it until just some years ago, it's not something celebrated here AT all..

greetings from the netherlands! :)

A Cuban In London said...

Wow! You have left me breathless! Precocious child does not do you any justice.

Good post. It's brought a smile to my face today.

Greetings from London.

High Desert Diva said...

These are the best tag answers I've ever read.

Are you sure you've hung up your shoes?

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

I'm going to miss your "tag" answers, dude. They're always incredible--as is your writing. LIRR? You from Long Island? I am...

Ms. Bar B: said...

Yay for Afro puffs and nonconformist teeth!! As you can see, we are all about Afro puffs over at A Place of Comfort and I too had my gap closed. Although, after spotting braces and a closed gap on Keysha Cole I was a little sad and felt kinda bad for conforming. Like you said, "deviation adds to character" and her gap was a part of her signature. She's still beautiful though =)

Daisy said...

Oh, I hope you do post photos of your tattoo. It sounds pretty.

Breath of Light said...

I sincerely *heart* your blog! That is all.

Jennifer said...

Fun post! You continue to be more interesting :-)

Enjoy your tagging vacation!

shiborigirl said...

Lots of fun facts here, Tameka! I think you've been tagged an awful lot lately (Sorry - I think I gotcha once). I hope this list gets you some immunity for a while.

Have a great day,


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Okay, you've promised to show the ink. I'll sit tight and wait on it. It seems that you were a little ahead of the tatt curve whenh you got yours done. An authentic tattoo girl, not just a trendy tatter.

Thanks for this meme. Should go on to become a doctor, you already have the foundation.

Beck said...

Oh my gosh, your answers are so great. And you and I share number one, big time. My brothers should be so lucky to have a sister as great as me.
My mouth had a little bit too much character - I've had my dental character toned down a bit now, and I think I'm at just the right amount.

Yvonne said...

Your blog is so endearing to me. I love your comments and how you view the world. And as the youngest of 3 I can vouch that big sisters ROCK

fly tie said...

deeeeliiiiaaaas!!! i was (and actually still am) a fan since 6th grade. mostly of the shoes. they always have my size (there are some boots over there right now i need to have in all 3 colors.)

i love this list. :-D

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